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Custom box: Complex dev ID


Widget type: CUSTOM / DEV ID
Deviant type: CORE MEMBER
Last update: 30 X 2016

Before using, please get to know with the On Premium Content and Refunds Q&A.

This particular design includes thee column sections. On the left deviant ID image, preferably size is 150x300 px , or 100x300px for the narrow version of the code (it will resize your picture to the proper size anyway). The middle column is for your info, such as icons and text. The right column is for including art status icons and have also the button for the commission info and the scrollbox where you can put your stamps or group or user icons.


The PURCHASE CONTENT option is considered as a donation, thank you! This code is now FREE!
That being said, I will no longer will provide support regarding this code.

The resources aren't included, and I used these resources and the image for the preview (I have a permission from morgiee to use her drawing): Pastel Block : Art Status /  Dotted background pack / Free-to-use Identity Pixel Set

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