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Clean and light skin + interview features


Live preview: Interview skin - light

Thank you all in advance for the favorites! Unfortunately because of lack of time I cannot thank you all personally

I wasn't sure if I want a light or dark theme so I did two.. :B

Customized features:

:bulletgreen: main journal header that you can set (in big letters)
To set your own text, edit the skin and in "Skin header" part change <div class="header">Short header<br>goes here</div> for your own text. Please keep it really short!

:bulletgreen: custom menu
To set your own buttons / url, edit the skin and in "Skin header" part change ex.<a href="#" class="button">My gallery</a> for your own URL in the "#" and the button text in the "my gallery" part. It looks best with 3-5 buttons.

:bulletgreen: Underline
to use this feature, write <hr/>

:bulletgreen: three headers

:bulletgreen: block quote

:bulletgreen: ordered and unordered lists

:bulletgreen: thumbs

:bulletgreen: literature thumbs

:bulletgreen: special interview designed columns
To use the set "ICON - TEXT", write <div class="icon">:iconusername:</div><div class="ltext"> you content here </div>
To use the set 'TEXT - ICON", write <div class="rtext"> your content </div><div class="icon">:iconusername:</div>

:bulletgreen: special text block with dialog icon
To use this feature, write <div class="question"> your content goes here </div>

:bulletgreen: this funny mood/activity list

Devious dark version
Devious dark skin + interview features by UszatyArbuz

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I'm sorry, but I need help. I would very much like to install this skin for my jounals, only not really where to start.Sweating a little... Waaaah! 
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On the right there's an "install" button :P
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I know, but it's the next part I don't understand.
When I try to publish a newspaper with your skin, I get a warning that I can't use it because I'm not a Core member.
I'm really sorry, I'm really awry about this thing. I don't want to create all these problems.onion sad 

Schermata 2019-03-21 alle 16.46.57 by Amethyst-Project   Schermata 2019-03-21 alle 16.49.24 by Amethyst-Project  
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Well you CAN'T use journal skins if you don't have Core, so it won't work unless you will get it :B
Amethyst-Project's avatar
Ok!! Thank you for the info!!Sweating a little... 
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Super pomysłowe są te rozwijające się paski podtytułów! :clap:
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Aaa dzięki, to mój ulubiony element w tym skinie :B
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Would it be ok to modify this slightly? Only for personal use! :B
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Sure, but please keep the credit as it is :)
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Would it also be ok to snag some elements from this for a different skin? Credit would still be given! :D
After browsing around for skins, I decided to make my own from scratch since I have little CSS knowledge. I'm trying to learn a few new things, so looking at your CSS could help me. I completely understand if not, though. :hug:
I just really like those headers and the blockquote aha.
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Yeah I guess, I have learned coding this way as well (not only css) :B It's not always clear since people use different names for classes but overall learning by practice works best for me as well :D
instarsa's avatar
Yeah, exactly! We're just hands-on learners. =P Thank you so much for understanding. :D
If I ever need help, I'll be sure to swing by and ask!
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So I'm having some trouble applying CSS properties to deviation thumbnails. Er, rather, trouble having the properties effecting only the thumbnails. :XD: They're applying to emoticons, too.
The CSS property I'm currently using for these properties is ".text img", and ".text img:hover". Is there another class that specifies only deviation thumbnails, without needing to create an entirely new one?

EDIT: I found it! It's "embedded-deviation". I don't know why that flew over my head. :lol:
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Yeah, these are classes for .shadow , .embedded-deviation and a.image - I'm still confued how they work together so I always use my own template if I have to encode thumbnails XD BTW usually people use .thumb class as far as I remember, but it also encodes avatars and emoticons, and that looks pretty... ugly :B
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Of course! :aww: Deviantart actually has a note on the bottom of journals now of who created the CSS and who it was modified by, so it works either way. :D
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I love this skin! It's perfect!
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I love this. But I think you figured that out. :giggle:
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It looks so clean <3 love it!
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Ayhnat's avatar
You're welcome dear! ^ v ^
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