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Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

"That Alexander was nice wasn't he Deerling?" Nia said asking her smaller more feistier friend hiding in her neck fluff. Henry poked out his head with a scowl on his face.
"Why do we have to do this? I mean, I don't care about these schnooks and what they do with their lives!" He exclaimed frustrated. But Nia just ignored his angry ranting and gave him a poke to the head. "Ow! What was that for?!" he said in response.
Nia gave him a gentle yet serious face. "Because Deerling, we don't have any Star Coins left so we need to do this mission to get some, and as well we get to work socially with need to do this mission to get some, and as well we get to work socially with new Pokemon," she explained. Henry just sat back in her neck fluff still feeling antsy about doing this Errand.
A couple minutes later they met the Pokemon they were meant to meet with; A Porygon named C3. The Porygon was very stiff not moving so much of his body at a time as he turned to face Nia and Henry. He seemed glad to see the two as he floated above the ground in front of them. "Ah, Greetings Ms. Nia and Mr. Henry. I am glad thatyou two showed up on time for this meeting," he said in what sounded like autotune.
Nia was quick to respond before Henry could make any rude comments. "Well Deerling I like to be very punctual," she said smiling.
C3 appeared glad about this answer. "Let us begin then. Please follow me to my study," he instructed as he turned around and floated into a simple looking building. Upon entering it could be seen that the entire house was filled with books and nothing more. "I enjoy reading all of these books daily. It keeps my wits sharp and my mind focus," he explained as Nia and Henry just continued to look in awe.
Henry then popped out completely from the fluff and flew down to a book placed neatly on the floor. " 'The Taxidermy of Geodudes'?" Henry questioned as he read the title of the book he stood on. "What kind of weirdo books do youse read?" He said mockingly.
Nia was about ready to pick up Henry and push him back into her fluff but C3 just floated down to him seemingly unfazed by his rude commentary. "Well I was given these books by someone dear to me and was told that as long as I read them I will remember them," he answered.
Nia's heart swelled up upon hearing this. "Was it someone you loved?" she asked curious to know more. Henry just scoffed at the idea but both C3 and Nia paid him no mind.
C3 then turned his attention to Nia. "No, it was my family. I left them some years ago and was given these books as a going away present," he said still not showing as much of a hint of emotion. Henry suddenly began laughing. "Is something humorous Mr. Henry?" C3 asked.
Henry caught his breath and looked up at C3. "Yea! Youse is tellin' me that for some years now all youse has done is read these books over and over again?! How borin'!" He exclaimed with no remorse to C3's possible feelings.
Nia was once more about ready to snatch up the rude little bird but he then took off into the air. "Have youse not done anythin' else in youse's life?" He asked hovering at the top of the room.
C3 gave a moments thought to the question. "No, I have not. I've just stayed here safely reading my books," he answered. When he did Henry shot down towards his face and stared at him. "Is something the matter Mr. Henry?" he asked curious to the scowling that he was receiving.
"Yea!" Henry yelled out, "Somethin' is the matter! Youse's a borin' Pokemon!" He then flew past Nia and over to the door. "Life is more than just what youse want it to be. Youse have to have a goal, a sort of mission to achieve!" He said kicking the door open. "If youse have read all these books already then now it's time to do somethin' else! Make a new mission for youseself!" Henry said passionately.
C3 looked at Henry then at Nia and then back to Henry in deep thought. "I've never thought about life that way. But what kind of mission should I take up?" he asked sounding confused.
Henry's chest puffed out as he gave his answer, "Whatever youse want! The world is out there and it's waitin' on youse to decide! Now make up youse mind and go tell the world what's on it!" Henry flew back to Nia's fluff and nestled in.
C3 floated up to the two of them seemingly joyously. "Thank you for spending this time with me, and thank you Mr. Henry for speaking your mind. Since it has opened up mine," he said leading them out the door. He closed the door behind him and set out into the city.
Nia gave a smiling glance at Henry. "That was very wise Deerling. I didn't know you had it in you," she said happy for Henry's growth.
But Henry just sat there unfazed. "Meh. Those were my Big Bro's wordswhen he used to live in the tree. He left a few years before me on the Combusken hunt and we've never seen him since," he explained unemotionally.
Nia was shocked by this news. "I didn't know you had a brother, nor that he was missing. Do you think the Deerling is okay?" she asked wondering what Henry was feeling.
Henry just sat up and looked at the sky. "I think he failed his mission and is out there explorin' the world and all its possibilities... And that means I will finally be better than him at somethin'," he said gripping his wing into a fist. He then flew into the sky yelling, "Come on! It's time to do a true Hunter's job!" Nia flew up right behind him and the two of them flew out over the city now ready to begin the Hunt.
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