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Sorry for the lack of activity off-late, been busy with work and etc.

I must say I'm impressed with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and all the cool features. Which brings me to my update:

I'll be taking a break from developing widgets for Newgen (sorry, left the Music Widget half-done) in order to focus on my own UI launcher, aptly named Clara. I'm experimenting with different features to implement right now (inspired by the recent Windows 8 Consumer Preview), but my biggest problem would be a lack of a concrete concept. With that, can any of you guys help pitch in ideas and concepts?

Current features planned:-

- Metro-inspired Application bar that lists all installed applications on the local machine
- thumbnail bar similar to Newgen's thumbnail bar (subject to change, of course)
- Metro-inspired widgets on the screen, however, I don't want to emulate Newgen, and would like a different concept.
- Toolbar at the bottom of the screen, ala Android Homescreen style (maybe)

Do suggest more features or the concept that I should aim for.

If possible, I would also like help with the creation of icons and visual styles. I wouldn't mind turning this project into a big collaboration.
Well, it's 2012, so happy new year to everyone.

Down to business, here's a list of the widgets I'm currently working on:-

- Pictures widget (similar to the Newgen Pictures widget, but this one will not crash when there are many pictures in the folder. But there is a problem of long loading which I'm trying to fix with threading)
- Disk monitoring widget (done, just trying to work on some aesthetics)
- Recycle bin widget
- GPU monitoring widget
- Microsoft Office widget & Open Office widget
- Drop Box widget to take advantage of cloud and file-sharing between friends

So you guys can look forward to that in the coming month
In case you haven't already tried Newgen, its an app that brings the Windows 8 Metro UI  to your desktop, courtesy of ftware…

Currently I've released a Games widget and RAM widget, with a CPU monitoring widget almost ready for release.
Other Widgets I have planned are:-
   - Hard-disk monitoring widget
   - Graphics Card monitoring (both usage and hardware specs) widget
   - Notes widget

So if any of you guys have any suggestions for more widgets, just drop a comment or send me a note, and I'll see if I can make it a reality