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Libre Office Mockup 2 Unity

By usrnametaken
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ok, i read the comments on my first mockup on omgubuntu [link] (thx for featuring it btw) and i decided to make an new mockup which fits into unity and combines the old GUI and a Ribbon-like GUI.


M$ Office
Google Docs
Chromium Browser
This mockup [link]

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I like it and it seems like a great idea. But for me, this mockup looks similar to Photoshop.

Great Job!
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how do you get libre office to look like this?
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read the description... it's a mockup...
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how do you get libreoffice to look like this?
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It should be an official addon for libreoffice, Great Job
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ScionicSpectreProfessional Digital Artist
It could use some tweaking, but I think it's a bit more presentable than the current style. According to the newer user study and polls done for Libre Office, things should be changing quite a bit, soon. A lot of the work going on now is with refinements and cleaning under the hood, so it may be a few years still before we see much of a change in the layout.
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I like the overall style of this, though I would have to see it on my 800x600 netbook to get a good sense of whether it might work out.
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really good, many good concepts lately, but this the most realistic and integrated so far, am sure the devs will take a few hints for their upcoming versions :)
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Bryce-PhotoHobbyist Photographer
I really think that's a good idiea.
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tushantinProfessional General Artist
P.S.: Another idea would be to have optional Panel at the left/right (like I said, "optional") which shows a list of recent documents or compilation of documents within a folder in order to cycle through or open them in new tabs. You know, similar to Opera's Bookmark panel. If you don't want the panel you can just click on a button at the bottom right/left to hide it.
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tushantinProfessional General Artist
WTFish! I like THIS more than the ribbon interface! XD I must say I dig the tabs-on-doc idea (although this idea was already implemented in Lotus Symphony). It'd be awesome if Libre-Office considered this.
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i will try to make this an official proposal on the Document Foundation wiki page, maybe they will implement something of this xD
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tushantinProfessional General Artist
XDDD I hope they do. When that happens, I'm gonna kick Openoffice off my Netbook. Hello, Libre!

Thank you very much! =D You've no idea what a lifesaver this design could be assuming they do consider it. The only reason I've never skipped to Lotus Symphony 3 is because some folks tell me it's slow.
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Hi! Very cool and polished, I didnt seen you made a new mockup before I made mine. It's really great, both ideas and composite! Beautiful work! The tabs feature it's something I've thought about include it in my mockup too, but I don't know how allow you can see two (or more) documents at the same time (something I usually need at work, putting them side by side). Then I prefered to keep it simple without tabs. But it's a helpful feature! :D
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yea i saw your mockups a few minutes ago too. here is a nice solution for having 2 documents side by side with tabs, it's called "locked tabs" [link]
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Great tip! Thank you for it, I think would not be hard to adapt Locked Tabs in my mockup, would just add a new horizontal bar when two docs are opened. :)
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