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Treble Clef

By UsoKei
22x12 inch

Too large for my camera T__T
Image details
Image size
1037x1926px 1.39 MB
Shutter Speed
1/40 second
Focal Length
14 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 21, 2016, 2:44:19 PM
Sensor Size
© 2016 - 2021 UsoKei
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angela808's avatar
i love you're art/work keep it up
caclegal's avatar
This is wondrous!!!!!  Beautiful work!!!!
Beautiful work I love the color composition. great choice of colors Thanks for sharing and inspiring others.
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SeaHeartStables's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful! My sister loves your work and is starting quilling herself. She would like to know what kind of paper you are using so that she can stop using regular construction paper. Thank you
WhiteWolf9801's avatar
mockingbirdontree's avatar
Brilliant work! ☺☺☺
Joe-Maccer's avatar
This is totally amazing! emirati faint   I love the design and colors!  Surprise by Joe-Maccer  
VoiceOfVirtue's avatar
This is so beautiful and dynamic looking, like it's blooming like a flower from the bottom up.
You should take work-in-progress pictures and put them together in a gif. Would look like an animation of the different parts blooming.
UsoKei's avatar
Yes, I photographed "deer" in process, but still haven't time turn all pictures in gif. Since my camera not really good, it's painful photoshoping even final picture. And for making gif I should photoshoping 10-15 of them.
VoiceOfVirtue's avatar
Oh yeah I understand, must be a pain. I had that problem when I had an old camera. Your work is still really cool as it is, doesn't really need to be made into a gif, just something you could try some time. All the pretty colours, awesome patterns and skill speaks for itself - your work is amazing. :)
MistressLyda's avatar
Damn! It would be awesome with a darker background, for a music book or something like that.
UsoKei's avatar
Which colour exactly you mean?
MistressLyda's avatar
Dark purple maybe, or black? I can see green working, but would probably require some shading, same with red.
InleLendri's avatar
Blooming hell, that's absolutely amazing quilling! I know I'm biased with rainbow stuff, but that is so well done I'm quite honestly in awe! How long does a piece like this take you? I know the individual parts doesn't take much time, but it all adds up. Thank you for sharing :D
UsoKei's avatar
Thank you! Let me assure you, everything in here takes a lot of time, from sketch to gluing all parts together. It takes about week 8+ hour every day. Did you noticed size?
Domo-bun's avatar
I would love to see the other one like this as well (I think it's called a G clef?), that is if you want to make it XD
UsoKei's avatar
You mean bass clef? I prepared sketch of notes. But bass clef, as for me, has to primitive form.
Domo-bun's avatar
Yes, that XD (It's been a while since I took music.)
Ah, I see. 
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