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Show me ur Unicorn!

Sun Jun 3, 2018, 10:53 AM
Oh, its a beautiful day today! .:asdf:. 
not because of the weather because here where I live it is cloudy (it seems that it will rain at any moment, uh) but by the meaning of today!!
Im sitting here in the armchair wearing a rainbow scarf with glitter hahaha bear : sparkle by TamagotchiNinja

Im very berry happy to be here without fear, speaking that Im proud to be "militating" mah orientation 
Im so happy to be able to say it openly!! cat : hello ladies by TamagotchiNinja
thing that I coldly hid from all for fear of being rejected .:Little bunny worried:. 
Yesh! I was rejected by ppl... by friends...
but I discovered that there are ppl who accept me the way Im and that makes me happy
Unfortunately I couldnt be in the LGBTQ+ event but Im watching a Live right now and Im loving it
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! ((I will leave the live (by diva) here for anyone who wants to see what this event is like here in mah country yay!!)) [ Pixel ] tiny flower! 
I feel represented by those happy ppl who can be wha they are...
I can say that Im much happier today! I feel like a beautiful pink hibiscus Tini Peach Rose bullet : flower by TamagotchiNinja
I just have to thx mah friends and colleagues for accepting me heart by TamagotchiNinja
today I remember something that left me "petrefied" when I told the truth to someone important to me this person reacted in a negative way
and I will leave a quote of what I told her as a reflection for today:

"... I never lied to u, just hid for fear u didnt want mah friendship!" .:Pink pastel heart: 

Tumblr Ojhyds562f1uh4s63o1 500 by ushirin

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ushirin - Pastel Cow and others ushirin's chars by: ushirin
  • Listening to: Piggyback - Melanie Martinez
  • Reading: Hara-chan's text messaging on whatsapp
  • Watching: Parada LGBTQ+ by Diva Depressão
  • Playing: Dragon Awaken (lvl 60 uahhh!!!)
  • Eating: Chocolate Cake (zero lactose)
  • Drinking: Hot Milk (zero lactose) wiff Sugar
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June 3, 2018


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