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Im so done wiff playing piggyback...

Fri May 11, 2018, 6:25 PM
after a hiatus I came back (I guess....) Dino - icon 
I promise that I will be brief in words and that I can speak everything that is necessary!

this time I have spent far from deviantart and all mah dear followers and beloved visitors, I have thought enough about several things...

I tried to understand what happened (because I didnt even understand... really) Taeyeon (SNSD) 

First of all I thx the people who talked to me and tried to help me in some way. Thx u!
.:Pink pastel heart: (special thx for mah besties: Hara-chan, Deyu-chan, hinata-dono & Sabrina-dono
and mah divas KPP and Melanie Martinez wiff ur beautiful melodies tiny music notes ) .:Pink pastel heart: 

I thought a lot, like I said... and I can say that really were the 3 years more magical, beautiful, perfect of mah life!
so I want to "bury" this subject here and go back to mah beloved page, to mah beloved followers and friendos

and now?
pink double 8th  tatata... tatata... tatata... tatata Tap tap... 2! 

At first... I want to erase all this sadness, no one deserves to suffer so much BatIM Ch 3 Trailer - Boris Eating #3 
i created a new tumblr: (mah personal blog) F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 
mah old tumblr was confusing... so I wanted to put together everything I like and mah drawings on a single page
I will organize over time [Cat Emote] Chill Smile 
i have FurAffinity and Furiffics page (ushirin)
mah twitter is a mess XD 
and I no longer use instagram [#53] yaranaihai ... because... I hated it hahaha :bademoticon: 
p.s: Deyu-chan, the pics with mah kutie plushies will be posted here soon, as promised Dino - Blush 
nobody can replace her because people are unique!
but now I want to dedicate myself to mah art and making people happy because thats what Ive always focused on here: spread a lil of mah joy with u!
monday I will announce the name of mah new char and who is the most beloved person who deserves the credits lalalala Mr Bean (Yolo dance) [V2] 
I hope u like mah new char (and the dress... its the high point of the drawing, really !!)
cockroach((but Tina will still be mah cake cherry, hahaha)) Melanie Martinez (Mad Hatter) - Icon 

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ushirin - Pastel Cow and others ushirin's chars by: ushirin
  • Listening to: Piggyback - Melanie Martinez
  • Reading: Robinson Crusoe
  • Watching: Sponge Bob hahahaha XD
  • Playing: Panic in Nakayoshi World
  • Eating: Sweet Popcorn
  • Drinking: Hot Milk (zero lactose) wiff Sugar
HinataFox790 Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm honestly glad you're okay
ushirin Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
awn thx u friendo :hug:
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May 11, 2018