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I said I was coming back omfg...

Wed May 16, 2018, 10:56 PM
well, it's already too late and I decided to write this hehe ^^;
(its 2:43 AM here I paused the MMORPG just to write this... Dragon Awaken )o) purfect game <3)

Thats what I said, and I couldnt post anything!
Its not that I dont want to, but I cant see mah luving account on deviantart anymore
Im not giving up here, Id be too hypocritical if I disappeared and said nothing to anyone. everyone I met here is important to me and so I'm being frank that I think I need more time
Its amazing how the affection we can feel for some people can leave us like this ...
I hope im not being dramatic (even because I dont like drama, just in beautiful soap operas that I watch on TV)
I dont want to force the person I still consider as mah best friend to talk to me, I dont want anyone to come to offend me or humiliate me
its been hard for me to endure all this because... it was 3 years of friendship... almost 1095 days, 26,280 hours and 1,576,800 minutes (wow)
Its not easy to forget someone like that, when u have so much time together
I know shes angry, I know that... but the fact that I want to solve this in a chat Dont let me think straight
Am I humiliating myself? no! its not humiliation... she knows me better than anyone else
Its hard, too hard
I dont want to forget her and I will not do it... but...

Pastel Pink Bullet haters's F.A.Q: Pastel Pink Bullet 
:invisible: v2 )- ((haters: ah but because of it u will not post any drawings anymore??))
:iconushirin: )- please! put urself in mah shoes and think ... what if it was u? 
and if u considered a person very much and this same person ignored u??
:invisible: v2 )-((haters: I would ignore it!))
:iconushirin: )- but I have feelings! Shes still mah best friend and I care about her.
:invisible: v2 )-((haters: but u hurt her!))
:iconushirin: )-I know, so I want to solve this! Im faithful to mah friends and dont abandon them easily

Im going to take some more time for mahself and... who knows, to wait for her to come and talk to me Confused John Travolta Meme (comment/chat emoticon 
I dont expect anyone to understand me, really 
Idk if Im going back to deviantart, so I want to make sure that Ive submitted all the drawings and try to stay active (or not) on another site :\

((I will probably be posting stuff in mah furaffinity or furiffic... I left the links available))
(((I will be replying to mah private social networks as usual kay?! ^^)))

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ushirin - Pastel Cow and others ushirin's chars by: ushirin
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Icedragon300 Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
I´m here for you, if you want to talk. :)
HinataFox790 Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear... you can message me any time...
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May 16, 2018