Blackie, the Golden Paladin of Taurus!
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Published: May 26, 2018
I think Im addicted to this game XD .:Small kawaii bunny face :. 

recently I wanted to create a very very berry personal style for mah char:
:moola:  "aunt" Matko-pappa, the Golden Paladin of Taurus hahaha :moola: 
(Ya, the players in mah faction call me that) ^^;
but I plan to get other cool clothes .:Fluffy bunny and little star:. 
Im among the few people most active in the game and Im really proud of it (I play a lil every day)

2018-05-26 by ushirin

I think this outfit is so beautiful
mah char's hair is short now .:aww lover:. 
yeep, Im really happy with mah progress in the game
for awkward reasons, Dragon Awaken reminds me of the good times I played World of Warcraft... .:Estrella fugaz:. 

Wha did u think? the clothes are very berry golden??
I spent many special coins to buy this outfit .:bye bye money :c :. .:Down:. 
(I think that is very very very berry luxurious hahaha)

2018-05-26 (1) by ushirin

((yesh, the mount is the Taurus in the zodiac:
Taurus "The second sign of the zodiac, strong and brave")) Taurus 

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