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Mad Father - AYA x Shounen (Dio)

A couple from a japanese horror game 'mad father'. Fell in love with them at first sight > <
I see that Mad Father has grown really popular I've decided to draw some more pieces of fanfic =v=!

Aya x Dio

Aya x Dio

Aya and Mother
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I love the game! this is adorable <3
HarukoYagami's avatar
I love that couple :3 Amazing
AWW I love the idea of them together
EternalKage's avatar
Damn this game and the feels attack it gave me :iconpapcryplz:
Amazing piece of work, though. i loved it.
mrkummitus's avatar
this is amazing and cute! : )
tomboyrox's avatar
aww they should a couple
Suki-ai-chan's avatar
they shod be together
FrenchPhilosopher's avatar
Protected by a dead boy.
elfinfairy's avatar
Aww and the dead boy have always looked out for her too <3
Piato-Chan's avatar
It´s so fluffy ^^
zelda806's avatar
wat the crap does that mean
Piato-Chan's avatar
Fluffy = Cute, sweet! xD
zelda806's avatar
if he wasnt apart of the curse i would so date him cause hes cute
alex4-real's avatar
I finished playng that game today, It's a really interesting story... (that couple...)
pucca-the-tree's avatar
This is so kawaii!:iconcutenessplz:
I find it strange that Im attracted to Dio._.
Ushione's avatar
actually i am too...i thought he would definitely be coupled with aya, but he only appeared for a very short amount of time Q A Q
pucca-the-tree's avatar
Its like I dont care that he doesnt have an eye amnd he's already dead!X//3
I wish he had more screen time as well!Q_Q
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