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Seven Jump 0.3

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Seven Jump lets you create your own Jumplist.

UPDATE 2010-10-05
Now i have done some big changes to Seven Jump!
I have been working in this update for a while now.

Seven Jump has a default icon now! Thanks to sergiogarcia9!

You can now create jumplist in two different modes.
"Jumplist" and "Advanced Jumplist".

In Advanced Jumplist you can change the icon for the application in jumplist, add start arguments and things like that for now.

StartOnClick can now be enabled in Seven Jump UI.
But if you enabled it, Seven Jump will not launch.
You must launch Seven Jump with optional start argument,
but now you add things like that in Advanced Jumplist mode, so keep that in mind if you use StartOnClick.

Or as before, you can just delete StartOnClick.txt.

Edit Jumplist mode are not done, but i will work on this.

Download and try it! :)

In the screenshot, im using this icon set: [link]

Windows 7
.NET Framework 4

If you do not have .Net Framework 4 installed,
Just Google "net 4 framework download" and you will find it immediately! Or it maybe can be found under Windows Update.

Fill free to use it!

Please report bugs, spelling errors or just feedback!

Over and out!



I´m working on Seven Jump 0.4.
But I need some help and feedback.
What do you want do happen or be displayed on click/start?
Take screenshot will probably be removed. So how should it look and what should be displayed?

Feature requests?

Thank you all for the feedback!
© 2010 - 2020 UserFo
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This looks great, but simply does not work on my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64.
I have Framework4 installed (otherwise I could not open the program), and I did everything as supposed to do.
And I even opened directly from the folder with administrators permissions, but nothing happened :/
It doesn't save any changes when I create the Jump List.

I did it in this order:
1. Opened Jump.exe
2. On Information, I created a new category the clicked on Done.
3. Went to the Jumplist Tab and added a few exe to the category previously created then hit on Create Jumplist.
4. Close Jump.exe

If open again Seven Jump (or right clicking it), it's like I've never done anything.
This seems to be a very useful app, so I need to get it working. Please help :)
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Best implementation of the idea I have seen so far. Awesome job :)
(Too bad I'm currently running a non-taskbar setup... Still downloaded for testing)
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Please release v0.4 and get the edit feature working (or am I doing something wrong?).

Thx for the tool, it's much better than Jumpstart and other similar tools.
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Thank you! No the edit feature are not enabled in this version. I just put it there so that you will new that it will be in the next version. And its more then just enable it, it must be coded.

When im done with some mvc websites i´ll come back to this project, food on the table first right? ;)
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Of course :). I'll use it anyway, since it offers a genius feature (thought of offering your tool to MS^^?).
Really looking forward to v0.4 :dance:
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Very nice. Are there any plans to pick this project up? The only thing that really kills this for me right now, is the seeming inability to edit created lists.
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Yes, I really want to pick this project up again. It´s just that I have a lot of things going on at this moment. Most of the code and the ideas are visualized, in my head. Haha! It´s just the design of the UI I have no ideas for at this point.
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rflfnStudent Interface Designer
Nice! Very Very Nice!
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Nice tool, works fast and the wizard is pretty easy to use. Just one question: How can I edit a Jumplist? I mean add or remove programs/folders.
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Jakeu1701Hobbyist Photographer
This is a feature that Win7 should really have in it. Thank You for creating it.

I was wondering if you would consider making an update to your application. I like the ability to add what apps I want to a jump menu, but I miss the option to pin files to the different apps.

I posted a screen shot mockup of what I was thinking. Let me know if this would be doable. [link]
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Hi! I will pick up this project and add some new things to it. I have done some pre-work and planning, but i have´t had time to start coding and make it real. I planning to be done with the next version in 2 or 3 weeks. Nice to see some request! At the moment, the i´m not able to add menus as that to the jumplist, the windows API dont support it.
What you can do if you want is to create a jumplist like this:

Word Files -----------------
file 1
file 2
file 3
Excel Files ----------------
file 1
file 2
file 3
Microsoft Office -----------

It will be more easy to edit created jumplists in the next release. Seven Jump will have its own formats, these files will be the jumplist´s. Will make more sense when you try it then i trying to explain it in poor english. :P
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Jakeu1701Hobbyist Photographer
look forward tot he next release.
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Your program will be the best program out there once you get the horrible horrible bugs worked out (and especially the editing!). Do not,I repeat, DO NOT ever thing about getting rid of the click to start thing. It is the ONLY reason why I "beta test" lol. Its a godsend to have it so it automatically opens your desired program... SO AWESOME. pretty sure nobody else has it.

Some food for thought:

Have icons auto-resize and hide somewhere in some random folder, so when I put things like Windows update in my jumplist, it doesn't come back as a broken link (it happens because there is no way to choose one out of the multiple icons embedded into said file)

Make it so icons DON'T have to be .ico only

Get rid of the browse button on the enable click to start. All it does is make you pick a random file before letting you enable click to start (by the way, a little info somewhere embedded into the app would go a long way)

EDIT BUTTON... NOW! it's ridiculous I have to remake stuff because I cant delete something or added the wrong program... NOT COOL BRO :P but I totally understand!

Make the Pathways for the App settings are on default All files. A lot of times, I just want to use a trusty link to link it, and it gets sort of annoying having to change it everytime.

Finally, I don't know if this is at all possible, but try and figure a way that I can put Library links and Control Panel links into a jump list (Sound, My Videos, etc.

Keep up the good work though, if you need any help... I highly doubt I could do anything about it! (what are you coding in btw... what version?)
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Thank you for the feedback and the hard words! ;) haha! First of all, i will recode the program from the ground. Here are some functions i can tell you now thats are going to be found in Seven Jump 0.4:
New UI! Seven Jump 0.3´s UI are... well, not good.
Import/Export list for backup.
Start screen will be removed, StartOnClick will be improved.
Ofc, Edit Jumplist.
AND something i could "Groups", start multiple program from one task in the jumplist.
Enable/Disable StartOnClick from other Seven Jump jumplist settings.

I´m working in VS 2010, C# .NET 4, Client Profile. :)
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Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get rid of the start to click thing. it Trumps everything. Being able to have it go to my "main program" in that jumplist right away is perfect. Your shit is buggy as hell. YOu NEED to get some sort of save/edit jumplist thing ASAP

What are you programming this beast in anyways?
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Seconded! Additionally, I would love to see Click to Start function support folders. Click the icon, open a specific folder.
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Okazaki-sanHobbyist Interface Designer
Strange...this doesn't seem to work for me. I create a jumplist, right click the taskbar icon to bring it up, but there's nothing, and when I start up the settings again, everything is wiped clean and I have to start over again. 64bit problem?

Win7 x64
UserFo's avatar
Hi! It should not be a 64bit problem. In the status textbox, do the text "Jumplist has been created", or something like that printed?
Okazaki-san's avatar
Okazaki-sanHobbyist Interface Designer
It does; however, whenver I try to bring up "any" jumplist via Seven Jump, there is none.
Okazaki-san's avatar
Okazaki-sanHobbyist Interface Designer
oh and drag 'n' drop capability would be a good feature.
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Nice app! works great :D
btw which visual style are u using? :D
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Problem! .Net Framework initialization error!
Unable to fine a version of the runtime to run this application!

but .NET Framework 4.0 is aready installed on my windows 7!

what would be the problem?
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I first add some items and close the setup dialog.Then I want to add another item in the same jumplist,how could I do?
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Hi! For now you cant do that, you must create a new one thats replace the current jumplist you have. But i will work on this for the next update. And btw, this option will be found under Edtit Jumplist tab, thats why that tab is disabled at the moment.
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