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Small Stellated Dodecahedron Fractal

Inspired by :iconhop41:

A small stellated dodecahedron ( [link] ) with smaller instances placed inside the original in increasing iterations. Details here: [link]
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I'm a chemist who studies nanocrystals and I've been trying to render the shape you have at the left in Cinema 4D, but have not come up with anything near as successful. Do you have any tips or would you mind sharing the file?
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Hi Matt, I've sent you an e-mail. Sometimes my address can go to spam so please check that as well. :peace:
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is it just me, or does the last one look a little like a cube?
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Really cool image!
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Wow, that's pretty impressive.
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Thanks, it's been fun experimenting with this stuff.
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Waaait... it this a real-life model, or a CGI?
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All of my images are CG.
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Thank you! Very nicely done.
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This is what I was making: [link]
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I'm making something now that might top this.
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