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Blackstone Knights Cicada

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A Cicada-3M outfitted with twin PPCs strikes from an overwatch position on a giant tourmaline formation.

Commissioned artwork for
Blackstone Knights

Cicada design by flyingdebris for MechWarrior Online
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For it to carry twin PPCs and fire them in tandem, you have to go full lightweight build and double heatsinks.

So the mech will miss both speed and probably a bit of armor.

Means its bound to sneaky strikes from unexpected angles or hit-and-run tactics where it can cool off before the next shot.

I prefer my Cicada as a medlas speedster, but to each their own.

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Yoooooo this is tight as hell!
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Lightning Jubblies!!!!!!!  

Also... gorgeous work!
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Beautiful lighting from those twin PPCS! :)
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Damn ppc snipers on Rubelite :shakefist: