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tNOS2- Polished Graphite by usedHONDA tNOS2- Polished Graphite by usedHONDA
For an easier installation experience, please, please refer to "Easy installation instructions.txt". This is not the typical installation, as it is much faster and easier (hence the name). Thank you.

Well after a week of work, here it is!

tNOS2 (or the Next OS 2), is the second edition of my "Next OS" cursor pack [link]

The Next OS series is my outlook on 32-bit cursors and what they should look like. It is meant to have a smooth and neutral appeal that isn't too distracting. Just think of this series as a "what could have been" for Vista or OS X Leopard.

A little inside info and personal opinions:

Overall, this pack took 5 hours over a course of a week. The "normal" and "link" cursors were created in Inkscape and the rest was made in Paint.NET. All of the cursors are completely origional and only the text selection cursor remains the same for tNOS1 and tNOS2.

One thing that you may notice is that there's no absolute black-- just dark grays and white outlines. I did that because it is easier on the eyes and I like dark gray.

One of my most worked on features of this collection of cursors was the "busy" or "loading" symbols. I had to create each circle from scratch, which got annoying, but it was done. I'm very satisfied, seeing how smooth the animation ended up (20fps for "working in background" cursor and 60fps for "busy" cursor).

Now about personal opinions.... I'm very pleased with this pack, but I would prefer tNOS1 over this one. The reason is probably because this is a less probable (but still good looking) replacement for the standard Windows cursors. But all-in-all, I like the smooth gradient-like feel and would like to make more packs like this one.

*hint* My mentally-generated roadmap shows that tNOS3 may be all glowing animated cursors *hint*
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AceNovel Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I use these cursor last few years, thank you very much.
Real-Roh Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Awesome, thanks for sharing.
notbryant Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
I've been using this cursor pack for quite a while and I totally spaced on thanking you. THANK YOU! It's by far the most elegant and smooth cursor theme I've yet to run across! It looks sooooo smooth with my bbLean style, almost like they were made for each other. :D

I'll keep an eye out for tNOS3, if you ever feel so inclined to grace the world with its presence. ;)
ivancala Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
MustBeResult Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010   Interface Designer
Great Cursors MaN!!! lOVE iT. =D
usedHONDA Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Hey, thanks :D
MustBeResult Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010   Interface Designer
Kirei-Neko Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
And no need third rd party soft like cursor xp :)
usedHONDA Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I hate using so many programs to do a simple task :(

Thanks! :P
zcollvee Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008   Interface Designer
More awesome
mymetallicpotato Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007  Professional General Artist
IF i was to make an OS, (with your permission) these would be the default cursors.
jpope777 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007
This looks very nice. I just installed and am very happy with it. Good work. :)
usedHONDA Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Thanks XD
mymetallicpotato Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007  Professional General Artist
Nice, I like it alot
usedHONDA Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :D
Yatagratsu Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
Really nice. Hard to get adjusted with since the courser is so much larger than the average ones.
usedHONDA Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I just wanted to counter the small cursors I made for tNOS1 (larger cursors were suggested at Neowin).

BTW, I just :+devwatch:'d you
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