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tNOS1 Revisited

Well here it is. My unplanned revisiting of my first and still most popular cursor pack, the Next OS (tNOS1 for short). I redid most of the cursors so they're translucent inside and a dark shadow outside. To me, it looks better than the origional-- especially the text selection cursor. I guess this pack was kinda inspired by Linux Ubuntu's "White Glass" cursor theme (though theirs were barely translucent and they had huge outlines).

And please, don't just download and install manually. Read the file called "Easy installation instructions.txt". It'll make the installation go by much faster (45 seconds for me)

Here's a list of all my cursor packs:
The Next OS: [link]
The Next OS 2: [link]
Rough around the Edges: [link]

(I'm too lazy to type href tags :P)


I just uploaded an extension pack for tNOS1R! It's available here: [link]
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Much appreciated. Love the size and simplicity.
CheeseEnthusiast's avatar
Just FYI, I'm a picky graphic designer, and I've been using this cursor set for months :)
refreshing-soda's avatar
Pretty cool, im using them now :D
usedHONDA's avatar
Thanks a lot, enjoy :D
Screamerxxx's avatar
Ive searched a good coursor pack, what very nice looking... and i found a better one.
Traveosa's avatar
Wow!!! Nice cursor pack. I am going to use it soon. XD
masterddd's avatar
NICE! very kick-ass, man :nod: ! I like your cursor, in fact, I downloaded all of your great cursors (the 1st & 2nd set)!!!!!! there gonna be a NOS 3 :thanks: ???
usedHONDA's avatar
Thanks a bunch! And thanks for the :+devwatch:, too!
cloneddragon's avatar
i love this! it gos perfictly with the theme im using!

usedHONDA's avatar
Wow, it does go well with my cursors...!

Maybe I should upgrade to Vista just for that theme ;P
cloneddragon's avatar
Ok, Vistas a pretty good OS, id recommend it if you’ve got some decent hard ware.
zcollvee's avatar
The best cursor ever!!
usedHONDA's avatar
Haha, thank you :)

Nice desktop, I like your taste ;P
fuuka's avatar
I just wanted to tell you, I'm using it RIGHT NOW!!!!

It's awesome and it's simple and it's chromatic and not shiny. Did you make this just for me? Just for me?

(I'm sorry if I sound crazy)
usedHONDA's avatar
Thanks, and I did make it for you! It's a new years present ;P

(It's okay, most of my friends are like you :lol:)
KnotKot's avatar
omg, i love this cursor :D
mymetallicpotato's avatar
they just keep getting better
usedHONDA's avatar
They're my favorites so far :D
mymetallicpotato's avatar
they just keep getting better
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