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'The next OS' v1.11

I created this font pack because... well... I wanted to. As simple as that.

This is supposed to be a more modern replacement for the standard MS cursor pack. It is much sleeker than the standard cursors, yet simple enough so that the average person won't freak out with its eyecandy. In short, this is a "what could have been" cursor set for Vista.


1.1 changes:
Added an installation file (thanks, gigapixels!)

1.11 changes:
Fixed a minor pixel problem with the preview image (unnoticeable to human eyes)

If you downloaded 1.0 and suddenly saw this, don't worry. The cursors themselves are the same.

For those of you aspiring graphic artists, programmers, and other related geeks, this cursor pack is now licensed under Creative Commons.
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awesome. can we get this in bigger size

Very nice! Thank !!
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Awesome! Thank you for making this.
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the text selection cursor is very usable semitransparent,
doesn't cover the text when I use it.
and this is great !!
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I like it!
A bit blurry/choppy in some respects.
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nice work, i like the sharpness of the cursors :)
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You could also include a command script (.cmd) to install the font just by double clicking -

rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 .\TNOS.INF

I tested it and it works great. Awesome cursors btw!
This is the BEST cursor pack EVER made.
using now for almost a month.
and I just whanna support you, because this pack ROCKS!
keep up the good work!!
Best cursor pack created. I wish u could get the swirly rainbow thingy though. I loved that part of the mac. I did not use the hand because I like the FU hand cursor the other guy made ^^
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great pack! thank you
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Your welcome, and thanks for the :+fav:!
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Um... thanks a bunch!

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Lovely cursor theme usedHONDA, thanks! :-)
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Thanks a bunch, it means a lot :D
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Great cursor pack!
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Thanks a bunch! Feels good to hear from happy "customers" :)

And thanks for the :+fav:!
Wow. Nice. I'm gonna be using this one for a while. The only thing I don't like is the link select. I can across another cursor set today that had two arrows overlapping as the link select instead of the hand. I think the hand kind of throws off the whole feel. Just my opinion.
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I think you have a nice idea there... I'll probably make another deviation for it called The Next OS v1.2 sometime this week. I've been looking for something to make for a while, and this is certainly the best candidate so far :)
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Wonderful! This is my favorite cursor set.
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Thanks a bunch!
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