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Secret Prototype SOTW entry

If you happen to watch my scraps, then you're in luck! You get to see my SOTW before I submit it!

This week's SOTW is about Polar Inversion. Ironically, I was already brainstorming ideas for a signature, and the idea of using Polar Inversion was the ticket! So as soon as I saw the thread title, I hopped on PDN, opened one of my camera's pictures, polar inverted it, cut half of the image out, pasted it in a new layer, flipped it (vertically and horizontally), played with the layer blending, found a cool spot on the image, cropped it, resized it, made a cool thin border, and added the thin, minimalistic text, and added a border to it, and POOF! My signature is there (sorta).

EDIT: Removed an ugly spot in the center of the image (the green) with the power of Gaussian blur, Curves+, and careful erasing. [original ]
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I actually really like this without the figure you ended up putting in on your submission to the sig of the week contest.

didn't tell you before because I want to win the contest. no I'm just kidding your sig you entered is great but this now this is the type of work that I really love. flowing smooth colors, I'd hang something like this in my home. soothing, and uplifting.
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I have to agree with you on that. My origional does look better, but people tend to like signatures with game renders on it (and it looks like I put more work into it). Though now that I think of it, I'll probably post this signature for the SOTW and use the Samus one for my forum sig. Thanks! :)
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This is a really cool signature, Was it based on your light photos?
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is it a shell?
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um... not really.

It's a collection of random light streaks!

[btw, I just edited it, minor fix]
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