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Bloody Potato...

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Uploaded for :iconillusionaryz: [the one with the flaming head] and other Paint.NET users that know about the two inside jokes mentioned in this comic [brushes and the Bloody Potato].

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Not hilarious, chuckle-style though.
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bloody potatoe is back!


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Heh, I like it, it makes me chuckle :D :lol:
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Oh my word, is that 'thing' still around? :P

I really should start posting again on the PDN forums. I had fun there.
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Yes, you very much should! Word has it that the Mods are in the process of making a Pictorium forum |3
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Is the n00b me?
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Nah, just makin' fun of people that don't read the popular feature requests :)
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FYI you dont see that snobbery in Photoshop circles, lmao its almost like some feudian complex; PE to be exact. HAHAHAHAHA
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>FYI you dont see that snobbery in Photoshop circles

Well maybe you don't. You are clearly not looking very hard. :juggle:
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meh maybe, i just dont go where it exists.
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fsw? funny but conceptually, revealing of the general wanna be elitist PDN sentiment. That paradigm needs to die among PDN users, its lame and utterly useless.
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Well, the fact that they don't read the rules and the PFR needs to die too.
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