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Sweaty Sports Class


Olivia had just finished her sportsclass and was soon ready to head home. Just before the class started, she shrank two of her classmates to accompany her during the exercise.

One of them was trying to crawl out of her damp sneaker. He hadn't felt fresh air for the last two hours...

Olivia: Oh... You're leaving already? I had so much fun during PE with you stuck under my toes. It was quite the effort to keep you alive down there! But don't worry. I'll get you somewhere safe...

This is a small short story, I'm working on now besides Heaven and Hell Love If you want to see the rest of it you can support me a little bit on my Patreon Heart  

Heart LINK Heart :

I really would love some help so I can create more for you :) (Smile)


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Yes!! This picture was the inspiration for this series ^^

You ever going to upload the rest of the story on DA?

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Eventually I will :)

Please do more with this giantess

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This picture is just the first one of a small story I'm doing right now. You can find the next two parts on my Patreon and future updates as well :)
My favorite shoes to see in art are Adidas, thank you for making this! I rarely see them anywhere!
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Awesome! Happy I could satisfy you with this piece ^^
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Always need a workout partner. 
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Absolutely :D Doubles the fun. At least for her!

such a shame she wasnt barefoot but regardless this is one of your best works yet

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Well that will change during the story ;)
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She's pretty cute :3 I wonder where the "somewhere safe" she has in mind is 👀
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I'm pretty sure she hasn't the same definition of "safe" as he has ^^
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Oh, yeah good point lol
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That's always an awesome scenario, stuck in her toes in her shoe. I personally am not a fan of being squished like a bug, that's why I love these scenarios so much, because I'm more captivated by being captive, but your captor isn't demented and is still concerned about your safety. If I were one of the unlucky (lucky) ones in this, I'd gleefully request being under her left foot 😊 for some odd reason, that's the foot I always imagined being under, despite my right side dominance.

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Yes! superstar adidas variants are a great stomp/ inshoe sight to see! ^^;
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So the other one Is still inside? Poor Fella

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Awesome - Love to see some in-shoe content from you!
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<3 Glad you like it :)
My gf has a pair of those 😛
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