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Commission - Shrinking brother Part 1

So here is the first part of a wonderful commission I'm doing right now for :iconpicjusbro: Dude I'm really having a great time working on this project and I hope you are satisfied with your first picture Wink/Razz 

This small set will be about a tiny guy, who gets shrunken down by his mother and his sister. Let's see how small they can make him ^^


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You have right here the blueprints to a beautiful story. If you could tell me the models you've selected here and I'll be greatly indebted to you mf. :)
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The sister's feet look cuter, along with that outfit...
DrMorphGTS's avatar
Damn.. What outfit is the daughter wearing? She's hot!
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Everyone wishing they were that brother lol great work
Excuse me what is the name of this type of art?
1slyfox2u's avatar
Honey you watch him while I go to the store!
AP76's avatar
I'm just astonished by your work overall! It looks gorgeous, tell wonderful stories and oh my, features the best facial expressions I've ever seen! Truly well done :)
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Thanks man :) I really appreciate your words! I always try to improve on facial expressions :D Sometimes it just needs to be subtle to make it look realistic ^^
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Yeeeesss, Goddessssss! Nice work. :)
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already like everything about this story.
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I'm sure you will love the upcoming pics <3
How can you sleep at night?
this is sick and disgusting
Uschi3's avatar
Hey are you ok? What do you mean by that? I'm a little bit confused :/
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Thank you for the great work.
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I'm happy that you are satisfied! Already working on the next part :D
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amazing perspective!
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Thanks man! ♡
I wonder what the story behind this is. Nice.
Any chance those are actually his step sister and mother? because that would be infinitely more hot for me personally.
Great image though your pictures are seriously impressive.
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Well thats up to the person who commissioned this ;) I just wrote down his description ^^
And Thanks! Always nice to hear that someone is enjoying my art :)
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