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Quick Tifa Paint

By usatame
Thanks to the gifter of my new Wacom tablet :heart: I had to doodle right away~ <3
It's all from memory so hopefully I didn't forget any major details ^^;
The tablet feels great :heart: :heart: :heart:
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© 2015 - 2021 usatame
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Germanicus69's avatar
Damn, you did that? That's awesome. 
uberbomb's avatar
sexy beautiful amazing !  Love :happybounce: La la la la :D (Big Grin) 
nightshadewolf360's avatar
That's really good! The anatomy is spot on. Very good job.
SculptorOfDreams's avatar
Looks pretty awesome, Usa-chan!
Manhunterj's avatar
I wanna touch her * ^ *
NocturnalRadiance's avatar
Nice work Usatame! The mischievous look on her face is great.
marcelojavier83's avatar
armageddonleonidas's avatar
I kinda love it :0 i would have prefer her boobs looking more natural but your drawning is very very good :0 the face is cute..even the pussy is nice. I say it because it's very hard to found cute pussy and not vukgar or quickly drawned one. It's like if the majority of drawner don't know what a pussy look this it's just sexy pure and beautifull. GG usatame sama! ^_^
Yuyu77's avatar
Awesome, like you !!!
JuanchoDLN's avatar
sexy and cute 
Wonderful artwork 
uhliben's avatar
GalaxyPrime's avatar
Barret is lucky ;)
TormentedAngel8's avatar
Barret? Don't you mean Cloud?
GalaxyPrime's avatar
Hmm I always tuought Barret was her BF before the events of FF7.

Anyway , nice drawing .
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