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The Society

By UsagiToxic
The Society is the character from Depression Comix. Who told you that even that bitch isn't deeply fucked up?……

Or she could be faking, because, you know, being depressed is so edgy and is healed by shopping uguu~

Interpret it as you like. 

I gave her an unique "smile" picture with lips because she is The Society after all, DUH. 
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I thought it's Mireille :O
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moar liek her elder sister lol
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А на самом деле это не такая уж и большая проблема, можно выглядеть симпатично по её меркам, даже если у тебя особо данных и нет. А можно не спрашивать её мнения, но это сложнее.
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Только её мнение очень часто и быстро меняется.
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I've read the two comics, I've remembered the one comic about The Society speaking to the audience like a commercial as in "Everyone is Beautiful! ... Except you, everyone is more beautiful than you." I think this accurately portrays her in a way that to hide such flaws or mistakes is to mask it into facial products, shopping, and ect, sure to say that something is going on behind her "beautifulness".

Quite an interesting subject and character. :clap:
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Well maybe, as I said, this could be interpreted as you like.
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Ohh okay, well, I stick to my interpretation, anyway. ^^
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