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This one took longer then it should have thanks to my new Kitty, BOOTS who does not like me to draw and really doesn't like me on the computer. So this was worked on during her naps. There are things I like and don't like about it.

So here it is a new Drabbles comic writen by :iconpearle:

Title: Unrequited Love
Word count: 100
Rating: C (G)
Characters: Severus/Hermione/Draco/Crabbe
Challenge: First line, ”"I've found true love," sighed Crabbe.”

"I've found true love," sighed Crabbe.

“What? Who?” Draco hissed. They were at yet another Ministry ball.

Crabbe stood wide-eyed as Professor Snape danced by twirling a laughing Hermione. “He doesn’t know how I feel,” he whispered.

“Snape? Are you out of your mind?” It was bad enough that Snape announced his engagement to Granger after the final battle, but Crabbe and Snape? “Someone, obliviate me now.”

;Problems, Draco?”

Draco turned to face a smiling Hermione and a concerned looking Professor Snape. “No. Everything’s fine.”

Snape and Crabbe. Draco shuddered. On second thought, maybe Granger and Snape weren’t that bad.
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I ship dramione...but...this was HILARIOUS.
I'm still in the process of dying of laughter...