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Ice Claw Tutorial

Hopefully now people stop sending me messages on how to make these @_@
Sorry, I'm not going to draw out a pattern for the crystals. I made these years ago and I have no need to re-make them. I'm sure you all can figure it out on your own. A good google search will give you some idea on how to make the shapes.
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Can you explain how you did these, please.
I would like a more detailed explanation on The series of folds you did to get the paper to look like claws. Thank you.
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What specifically do you need help with? The tutorial explains how and with what I made the claws.
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Are blank stencil sheets the same as, like, some sort of tracing paper? Here in the Netherlands, I don't think we have them and I can't find the right words for them to search for ^^;
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They are a thin sheet of plastic that is semi-transparent
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Hi, I'm wondering where you got your socks? Those are impossible to find >_<
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This is perfect! I can modify this technique to really spruce up my cosplays! Thanks for posting. ^^
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How many sheets of stencil paper dit you use for the claws?
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I think I had a pack that come with four. I'm not sure what size they were though.
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thank you sooooo much for the tutorial! xD
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Glad I could be some help!
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¡Holy shit! ¡I need one of these! ¡Thanks a lot for the Tutorial! Cosplayers are going to be happy :D
Thanks again ^^
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