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I am Zoey Talent. I am a cosplayer of 6 years. I'm a senior in high school and I aim to be an animator. Video games and anime are my life.

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Starcraft and tetris
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Anime, video games


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Hello all you lovely watchers and passerby's! I am really bad about updating my DA nowadays, If you wanna get more updates from me more often I recommend heading over to either my Facebook page or Instagram! I upload to my Instagram at least once a week and my Facebook at least once a month. Send me your social media sites and I will give 'em a look! Facebook: Instagram:
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AkiCon 2013

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I have to admit that upon being invited to this con I was very hesitant to go. Everything that I heard about it from last year made it sound like a miserable con. But I'm sure glad that I did end up going. To start with a few weeks before con I got a brand spanking new camera. It's a canon t3i and I am in love with it. So of course I took it to con. Because I wanted to use my camera I didn't run around in much cosplay either of the three days. we got there at like 7pm on friday so pretty much missed out on all of day ones shenanigans. Aside from some hotel drama the first night was a lot of fun and I got to catch up with lot of friends. Sat
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Wow, it hasn't even been that long since Kumo and I have attended yet another convention. RCCC was an entirely new experience for me. I have never been to a comic con before and I'm not a huge comic book fan, although I would like to be, it was a nice experience. Unlike other cons it was in it's second year and it was only two days. I am so thankful for Fawxsy's mom for buying my badge for me. Money is tight right now since I was unemployed at the time. The first day I cosplayed as Sailor V, and the lovely ~Shotalicious (, was Sakura. The second day I was a casual wonder woman, with genderbent kid flash, and genderbent Robin. I met a lot
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Thanks so much for adding my Sailor Moon bow clip/clothes brooches to your favorites, I really appreciate it! : ) If you'd like to make an order with me, you can use the coupon code "DEVIANT" to get 5% off all orders in My Shop~

Thanks again! X3
omg! I know you! Your name is Zoey!
You are the girl in THIS video! --------->…
I watched you get interviewed! ^^
And I see you posted a journal about Kumoricon 2013!
I was there! I was there! I was there!
I'll read it later, I'm going to bed now.
I need sleep. I'm tired, but so excited!
I saw your link here! I have a da too!
omg! Were you at the Kumoricon 2013 da meet up!?
I'm so sorry! I'm so excited! :D
>//< I'm so very flattered that I don't know what to say!
Thank you for sending me the link, I had no idea the full video was uploaded!
I did go to Kumoricon but I didn't know there was a DA meetup otherwise I would of gone. :<
I will be attending Rose City Comic Con, Akicon, and Newcon this year.
So you could catch me at any of those cons if you are going! :]
You're welcome! I watched EVERY Newcon PDX video on YouTube :)
Lol, damn girl...I didn't even know about Comic Con in Portland this weekend. I had to look that up. I thought there already was a Comic Con in Portland earlier this year. Lou Ferrigno was there. I know this because my neighbor posted on her Facebook that she wanted to go there and meet him.
THREE cons before this year ends, the second one being Aki con in Seattle near the end of October, and so I do hope to catch you in Portland at Newcon PDX! Come as Sailor Venus again! :P
Now you're just bragging! I'm so jealous! xD
Yeah, there wasn't much at the DA meetup and I wasn't there for long, but I have met quite a few people HERE on DA who were also at Kumoricon.
I didn't know it was this weekend till my cosplay partner invited me to go about a week ago. XD
I wasn't able to attend the comic con earlier in the year cause my con schedule is always so busy.
Yeah it's pretty crazy and super expensive to go to all these.
My wallet hurts.
I'm sure you'll catch me at newcon! It's a really small convention. I will probably be in the game room most of the time.
That's where I was the mojority of last year as well.
I will totally wear Sailor V for one of the days! She is on of my favorite cosplays to wear. C:
That's cool that you met people at Kumo who had a DA! I will have to go next year!
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Heya! I tagged you in this journal, if you ever want to do it!Great work on the cosplay, as always! :)
This looked fun so I already did it. C:
Thanks for the positive comment! It has given me the motivation to finish up the few costumes I've been working on!