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Derpy and the Doctor decide to take their families on a picnic in Ponyville.

The Doctor is not in a relationship with Derpy in this universe, not because I object to the ship (I can support any ship so long as its believably written, and not just THESE CHARACTERS STAND NEXT TO EACH OTHER THEY MUST BE LOVERS!) but because in this particular universe Derpy has been with the Doctor since she was a child, he was already an adult by then (an old man even...) still traveling with Susan, and so he's more of a father-figure to her after she got separated from her own parents.

River Song is the Doctor's wife from Doctor Who Canon (well one of his wives...he's actually been married three times in the new series, four if you count the TARDIS' odd relationship with him... But River was the only one he married on purpose and whom he actually flirts with on a regular basis). She still doesn't approve of him wearing a fez in public.

Dinky is Derpy's fanon daughter. I haven't decided who her father is, except that its not the Doctor, but I really like the idea of Derpy as a mother. Most likely her father is just a random stallion she met in Ponyville and married...who for whatever reason didn't have time to show up this day.

Dinky is playing with Amelia Song, one of my own characters and a "what if"-daughter of River and the Doctor. She's inherited her father's love for hats but at least hers isn't a fez so her mother doesn't mind as much.

Lily Blossom returns as Derpy's mother. I tried to make her a bit older looking so she has grey streaks in her hair.
In canon she's a toyline pony who has yet to appear in the cartoon.

Amethyst Star AKA Sparkler has a lot of roles in fanon it seems, mostly she's been seen as Derpy's daughter or adopted daughter...I decided to make her unrelated to the family in this universe. She's just a young unicorn who was saved by Derpy and the Doctor when she was just a small filly, and became a close family friend and babysitter for Dinky and Amelia.

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River Song's a unicorn, so why doesn't she just put the Doctor's fez really high up with her magic?