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Family picture of Timetraveler Dinky's family. Excluding the males because I haven't decided what Derpy's father should look like (although I want him to be a unicorn) and the Doctor is...away.

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Please note: This family is based of my own headcanons and may or may not reflect your own. If it doesn’t I don’t care. I can’t very well have ALL headcanons about this family or Dinky would have multiple dads and Sparkler would be simultaneously her sister and family friend.

From left to right we have:

Derpy Hooves- If you don’t know who she is you are not a brony.

Sparkler/Amethyst Star- Dinky’s twin in TTDinky. I changed her mane a bit since TTDinky takes place a few years after the series proper and I had already done a new hairstyle for Dinky anyway. Like Dinky she is half time pony, but unlike her sister she grew up a lot faster so they don’t really look like twins anymore:p

Dinky Do- Dinky the Timetraveller in all her glory.

Lily Blossom- Derpy’s mother and TTDinky’s grandmother. I decided to add her to this family a long time ago when making my Derpy Costum and realized Lily looks a lot like Dinky.. She’s more lavender (well her references has her in almost any color between purple and blue...) than Derpy and has multiple toned hair. She also has purple eyes like Sparkler so I like having her as their grandmother.

Jenny- The Doctor’s cloned daughter and Sparkler and Dinky’s half-sister.

Cloud Kicker- Many headcanons have her as a relative of Derpy, she also resembles Lily Blossom a lot so I made her Lily’s other daughter, thus making her Derpy’s sister and Dinky’s aunt in this universe.
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