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Dinky and her Grandma



This summer I bought a Lily Blossom toy, intending to remake her into Derpy Hooves. The reason being that she's the only other blonde pegasus-toy.. But when examining her colors I noticed her hair isn't entirely one color, its two-toned... her colors are also darker than Derpy's, and in fact she reminded me a lot of another that coincidentally fandom has turned into Derpy's daughter.

So I figured, if Dinky is Derpy's child, why can't Lily be her mother? Thus making her Dinky's grandmother.
That's my fan-theory and I'm sticking to it until Hasbro says otherwise. So far Lily Blossom hasn't even appeared in the show yet, and that's almost a shame. She's a beautiful pony. I almost felt bad cutting her mane since it looks quite pretty on the box, and in fact she almost comes with that exact hairstyle when you take her out.

I do realize she doesn't look like a grandmother, but if I tried to make her look too old she wouldn't look like Lily anymore:P Let's say its because of time-travel.

For reference's sake, here's the Lily Blossom toy (in the process of becoming Derpy Hooves)

And the whole family (excluding daddies)
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