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Derpy Through the Vortex



I just felt like making a little backstory for Derpy and the Doctor. Does this mean I'm going to do more with it than random pictures? ...Maybe. We'll see. I want to get a bit more up to date with Doctor Who first (I just finished Season 4, waiting on 5 and some more Specials, including End of Time.)
I made Derpy a lot younger and added a Sonic Rainboom, probably the first one Rainbow Dash made as a filly.
I suppose no one expected it to rip a whole through space-time... I got that of Generation 1 actually, where a rainbow is used as a portal between worlds.
I tried to make it into a mix of the Time Vortex from Doctor Who and the Rainboom looks awful. Don't put a Sonic Rainboom in the Time Vortex.
Also featuring Lily Blossom as Derpy's mother again, Susan as the Doctor's grandchild, and the TARDIS as a police box.

Visit Derpy and the Doctor on Thumblr.

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