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Celestial by Seanica
Country-Pony (USA) on hands by JustisAnimation
America! by MitsuYotsukaze
American Dream by uppuN
Twilight Sparkle
Casual Midnight Sparkle (Pony Form) by EmeraldBlast63
My Little Pony SPACE MARES MOVIE G5 (1990) by TheRETROart88
Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer in the beach by TheRETROart88
Sci-Twi (Pony Form) by EmeraldBlast63
Pinkie Pie
pinkie pie G5 SPACE MARES MOVIE (1990) by TheRETROart88
Pinkie pie in the beach by TheRETROart88
(Vectorized) Cupcakes Are Suspicious by kuren247
Happiness in a winter wonderland by kuren247
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash You were not in the school? (EQG) by TheRETROart88
Rainbow Dash You were not in the school? by TheRETROart88
Rainbow Dash in the beach 2 (BONUS) by TheRETROart88
Rainbow Dash on the beach by TheRETROart88
Apple Jack
AppleJack in the beach 2 (BONUS) by TheRETROart88
AppleJack in the beach by TheRETROart88
AJ,The Equestrian Dream by kuren247
Applejack by Derpsonhooves
Ditzy Doo derpy hooves
Don't Cry Dinky by kuren247
Derped and lovable by kuren247
No Package Today by EmeraldBlast63
Baked Goods by EmeraldBlast63
Look upon me darling by kuren247
Rarity in the beach 2 (BONUS) by TheRETROart88
Rarity in the beach by TheRETROart88
Equestrian City Prologue B by EmeraldBlast63
Fluttershy G5 SPACE MARES MOVIE (1990) by TheRETROart88
Fluttershy in the beach by TheRETROart88
Flat by Gouransion
Fluttershy vs. Flutterbat (Merge With Me) by Axel-Doi
Cutie Mark Crusaders
My Squishy Cushy Cheeks by kuren247
My Squishy Plump Cheeks by kuren247
My Squishy Chubby Cheeks by kuren247
Cutiemark crusaders and Spike in the beach by TheRETROart88
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Am I Evil? Ohh You Betcha Man by kuren247
Sunset shimmer enjoying the day (EQG SERIES) by TheRETROart88
Have Hope,Don't Mope by kuren247
Pool Party by EmeraldBlast63
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Kirin Littlepip by EmeraldBlast63
Spike and the Queen of Hippos by mellodee123
MLP FiM: S9 E8: Frenemies Review by Cuddlepug
Luna Nightmare Moon
Games Bond by EmeraldBlast63
Celestia vs. Daybreaker: Madness won't Overcome Me by Axel-Doi
Crafts, sewing, cosplaying, sculpting ect
Coco Pommel plush by agatrix
2 or more characters
Casual Demon Sunset (Pony Form) by EmeraldBlast63
EQG - Beach Trixie by REMcMaximus
Rainbow Dash G5 SPACE MARES MOVIE (1990) by TheRETROart88
white rose  faceing  jayko by biancaroseg
Tough Crowd by DrChrisman
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How the mighty have fallen. by Gamerpen
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Starlena's Backside (angel outfite) by NupieTheHero
Discord  D Meme By Jackfrostbrony-d4b01il by Xarti
Fitting in time for practice by DarkFlame75
Anthro ponies
Petulant Cat by MustLoveFrogs
Inky Rose Cutie Mark Reference by equinepalette
Saber As A Pony Holding her Excalibur Sword by littlewashu45
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Live at 5! by Prince-Harmony
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(Request) Princess Luna (Season 1) Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Royal Secrety Secrets by Darkone10
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Princess Celestia by KittyJewelpet78


This is taken from the blog of one of our members whom are involved in this auction for a breast cancer charity:

Here is a Direct "link to the auction:

Last Christmas, I did an adopt auction and raised a little over $200 for The Salvation Army. I've been doing a bit of cancer research in a lab this past year (mostly bone and colon cancer), and I've realized how much work and money goes into it. As such, I want to try to give to another charity for cancer research.

Hopeful Heart -Breast Cancer Charity Auction Plush by equinepalette
Click the image above to see the specifics about the plush itself!

This beautiful mare's name is Hopeful Heart, or simply "Hope" for short. She now up for auction on ebay, and all the proceeds donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Also, as an alternative to the highest bidder receiving the plush, I would be happy to instead drive it over to Brenner Children's Hospital near me and find a girl or boy in the oncology unit who loves My Little Pony and personally hand it to them. The highest bidder just needs to let me know at check out!

The auction only goes for 10 days, so lets raise as much awareness and money as possible!

Here is the link to the auction:

If you don't want to, or can't participate in the auction, there's no need to fret!

Below you can donate any amount aside from the auction and I'll feature you as a donor below, and on my profile page for some time!

You can make a donation using paypal, a debit card, or a credit card. Make sure to enter your DA username in the "purpose" space if you want to be added to the features space!

Gold bullet by robotflatworm

:goldenfella: by Mrichston
Gold Level Donors
:goldenfella: by Mrichston

Gold bullet by robotflatworm
Donate $20 or more to become a Gold Level Donor!

:DAbullet: by Angi-Shy
Silver Level Donors
:DAbullet: by Angi-Shy
Donate $10 or more to become a Silver Level Donor!

Icon for Anonymous Deviant or Non-DA Member by PonyCommishStatusPlz

Bronze Level Donors
Donate any amount to become a Bronze Level Donor!

No money but still want to help?

Spread the word!

:bulletpink:Make a journal about this auction!:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Tell your family about this auction!:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Tell your friends about this auction!:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Tell ANYONE about this auction!:bulletpink:

As a little incentive, I'll donate 5Points to anyone who makes a journal entry about the auction and links it in the comments below!

Thank you to everyone who does any tiny amount of help! Every penny counts, every journal matters!

Thank you everyone!"
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We are now looking co-Founder and moderator, Just send a note if you want to be either









1. Be Nice, I can't wait or the day we can stop listing this rule, But if you Are a Bully you will be subjected to being Kicked out

2. Your artwork will not be rejected simply because it is sexual in nature. But It must be submitted to the Mature Content folder and We have the right to remove it. We do want to Keep the art here friendly so If your wondering if your artwork would be acceptable Just ask, We Wont be harsh but we will inform you if it is allowed

3. No Pictures of Toys - Please don't just post A picture of your collection of mlp Toys. We want to keep the Group Focused On Art

4. No pictures from the Pony creator - I know we all love making creations On the pony Creator, but we want to support art that People Have Worked hard on at coloring and drawing

5. Submit Art to the right folder - ..... Pretty obvious, we don't was to see spike work in other folders,

6. We will Always retain the right to remove art from folders

Group Info

Welcome, this group is dedicated to all the United States Bronies out there, This group was inspired from this group :iconbritbroniesunited:, everyone is welcome to watch and please join If your from the USA
Founded 8 Years ago
Aug 21, 2011

North America

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Fan Club

613 Members
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