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That's right people, DV is finally available!! :iconloveloveplz: Actually it was released last Thursday but I was crazy with starting college that I forgot to post it here too 
SO whoever was interested here on DA here's the link! 

✿ = = = Download = = = 

✿ = = = ! Walkthrough ! = = = ✿

.: Destiny Voyage Walkthrough :. 
Hello and sorry this has taken so long form me to write a proper walkthrough! Part of me hoped that someone would figure it out BUT hey I'll take pride that it wasn't an easy game to get through haha. Thanks to everyone that has played so far! 
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 Ending 1 : You tried 
- The death ending.
- Eli = "Shield Eli" ... to survive choose "Push out of way."
- Leon = "Hide in Cave" ... to survive choose "Hide in bush."
- Ryan = "Go Right" ... to survive choose "Go Left."
✿ Ending 2 : Survivor 
- When Kiess prompts you to help, select "I'd rather not."
- I thought that if someone chose not to help th

✿ = = = Story = = = 
Eden ((renamable)) and her family are starting off Summer with a tropical cruise! 
Seven magical days and nights spent resting and relaxing aboard the SS Tranquility ~
And what's better than tropical paradise? Handsome Guys that is!
She will encounter three eligible gentlemen on this journey, each with their unique twists and turns.
But there's trouble a brewing as the boat suddenly passes into a deadly storm!
Eden, EliLeon, and Ryan get trapped in the elevator as the power goes out.
Together they have to escape and discover why they are the only ones left on this haunted cruise . . . 

✿ = = = Love Interests = = = 

Eli Small by UsaBerryHime

Eli =
Another passenger on the cruise, the sweet and energetic type!
He'll try his best to keep everyone high spirited despite the gloomy situation.

Leon Small by UsaBerryHime

Leon =
As a lifeguard for the top deck pool, he has extensive knowledge about the ship.
His strong attitude leads the group with a confident aura.

Ryan Small by UsaBerryHime

Ryan =
The hired entertainer for the cruise ship, Ryan knows his way around pretty well.
He doesn't talk unless he wants to, so be prepared for awkward silences.

Hidden Small by UsaBerryHime

Hidden Character =
Play your cards right and you might be able to unlock this mysterious guy!
How does he contribute to the story? Friend or Foe?

✿ = = = Screenshots = = = 

Screenshot 1 small by UsaBerryHime Screenshot 2 small by UsaBerryHime Screenshot 3 small by UsaBerryHime

✿ = = = Features = = = 

✿ 18,000 Words ✿
✿ 9 Endings ✿
✿ 12 CGs ✿
✿ Personality Quiz ✿
✿ Mini Maze ✿

✿ = = = . . . = = = 

Hey there people! 
I'm incredibly happy with how this solo project went - and did I mention I was a complete noob?
Special thanks to twitter.com/petitscygnes for helping me out to release the game! 
I wrote this as semi-serious and semi-chill so please take the project pretty lightly! 
Advice/Criticism is always welcomed and appreciated ! 
Thank you so much for reading! 

I'm also curious if anyone can unlock all 9 endings? Good luck! 

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YOOOOOO I was waiting for this!! So excited to play! Once I'm done, I'll definitely comment again my thoughts! Sooo excited!!!

I'll be downloading it immediately!