.: Destiny Voyage :.

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.: Destiny Voyage :. by UsaBerryHime 

* * * Story * * *

  Today is the first day of a seven day cruise to a tropical Island. Eden ( renamable ) plans to sleep, read, and relax on this seemingly peaceful vacation. As soon as she steps foot on the boat she encounters three gentlemen, none of them knowing what adventure lies ahead of them. 

  During the first night, the four so happen to meet again by the glass elevators. As the elevator rises, a sudden storm overtakes the ship- sending everyone into chaos. Rain pelts the sides of the boat like bullets and stick and leave debris crack the windows, shattering their elevator side. In one quick flash of lightning, the lights shut off and the group is bathed in complete darkness. Thankfully the emergency lighting slowly flickers on, and the guys are able to pry open the elevator. Guided by the dim red glow of the emergency muster stations, the group heads to the lounge where they expect to be met by other passengers and figure out what happened. But upon arrival to the lounge, an unbearable silence struck them. They had not passed by another soul on the boat, nor was there any in the lounge. They where the only ones on the boat.

  In the hours that follow, the group must make sense of their situation and try to survive. Their only hope is to figure out the meaning behind everyone's disappearance and discover where the boat's destiny is taking them. 

* * * Characters * * *

Eli Spencer by UsaBerryHime 
:bulletred: Eli: He is another passenger aboard the cruise ship, vacationing with his family. As the older brother of two, he is usually cheerful and easy to get along with. Despite this gloomy situation he can make the best out of it and cheer everyone up. 
(Bio : fav.me/d6phm0i )

Leon Dalton by UsaBerryHime
:bulletgreen: Leon: Although he can be a little big-headed at times, he takes his job as a lifeguard serious. He loves to tease, but he can be kind at times as well. Because of the way he was brought up, he's able to know enough about boats to gather a good understanding of the ships condition, which comes in handy later in the story.
(Bio : fav.me/d6pho7h )

Ryan Irving by UsaBerryHime
:bulletblue: Ryan: Also an employee of the boat, Ryan works as an on board musician playing guitar throughout the day in different spots to entertain the guests. While serious on the outside, while he plays his true inner self shines through. And he may appear cold at first, but will warm up to you eventually. 
(Bio : fav.me/d6php93 )

~ ~ ~
:bulletblue: Eden (Renamable): A relatively normal girl who, like the rest of them wound up in an abnormal situation. She is the only daughter of a doctor, and has some basic knowledge of first-aid as well as cooking from her step-mom, Cindy. Eden is more reserved around strangers, but gets along well with them.

* * *Notes * * *  

:bulletblue: This game is run by the Ren'Py engine (:

:bulletblue: There are options in the game that end to different routes, some good - and others not so much. And so far I have two endings for each route (though if there is time and space available I can add another if I'm in the mood ^3^ ) 

:bulletblue: This is more of a visual novel type game with options rather than a 'stat' game by which I mean, there's no HP or Relationship bar or anything along those standards. It's more the player goes through a story line picking "paths" to follow. 

:bulletblue: Each guy has a few CG's that I'll post on here after the game is released (for those that want them out of game as well) 

:bulletblue: I might add some WIP things on my blog ~ usaberryhime.tumblr.com/ ~ but I'm not that active on tumblr - oops.

:bulletblue: Any comments? Questions? I'll be sure to answer(:

Stay tuned for more, guys! Thanks for reading, I hope you'll like!

- E D I T - 
:bulletgreen: GUYS I know this was on hiatus for a while, but I'm making great progress in kicking it back up! So I'm so sorry for the delay, but I have been spending my whole summer working on this project! I really really want it done soon!

:bulletgreen: As a sorry I have packed the game with tons of more features... including a new unlockable character!!

Hidden Character by UsaBerryHime 

:bulletgreen: I've also added a personality quiz mini game thing in the middle for your entertainment! (That was fun to code haha) but nonetheless it has a purpose too~ just wait and see!

:bulletgreen: This project has spanned a while for me and it's difficult to leave certain aspects outdated so I've been working on drawing more and creating a better story as well! (Guys, seriously, I rewritten it at least four times and I'm still making changes)

:bulletgreen: I really hope you haven't lost interest and just know that I haven' forgotten this !~

© 2013 - 2024 UsaBerryHime
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:icondnw1plz: Where was I when this was posted?!?!
I can't believe it!!!!:iconcryforeverplz::iconzoominplz:
I am very speechless right now, like :iconspazattackplz:

I can't wait to play this! It sounds soooo awesome, suspenseful,
promising, fun, omg all these adjectives lol! Being stuck there with
3 guys, its like a dream come true hahahaha /dies/
I can't wait till you are finish and upload it. I will have soo much
fun with it and I am definitely going for Ryan :iconmassiveblushplz:
At least, its a 'stat game', the game I'm playing now, I have to wait
everyday for new tickets. 
Well, enough said and sorry for my craziness, I wish you good luck 
with this game and I hope you attract many fans and love! Hahaa I
know I am one of them! Until then, see ya!:iconlucywaveplz: