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SexyQuincy by heySnapDragon SexyQuincy :iconheysnapdragon:heySnapDragon 39 38 Uryu Ishida by Xibira Uryu Ishida :iconxibira:Xibira 203 31 Try Me by shalomdebbie Try Me :iconshalomdebbie:shalomdebbie 34 19 Hello Sunshine! by heySnapDragon Hello Sunshine! :iconheysnapdragon:heySnapDragon 31 12 Bleach: Uryuu stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo Bleach: Uryuu stamp oo1 :iconkaze-yo:Kaze-yo 115 20 Ishida Uryuu 1.5 years later by AR-UA Ishida Uryuu 1.5 years later :iconar-ua:AR-UA 351 50 Uryu Ishida by Itink13 Uryu Ishida :iconitink13:Itink13 1 0 Bleach - Uryuu Ishida I by das-Diddy Bleach - Uryuu Ishida I :icondas-diddy:das-Diddy 16 6 Ishida by KN-KL Ishida :iconkn-kl:KN-KL 119 39 So random Bleach... by Qiubi So random Bleach... :iconqiubi:Qiubi 149 12 Uryuu and Orihime  x3 by ulik8 Uryuu and Orihime x3 :iconulik8:ulik8 48 76 Super Quincy by jawwenthevampire Super Quincy :iconjawwenthevampire:jawwenthevampire 6 0 Ginrei Kojaku by jawwenthevampire Ginrei Kojaku :iconjawwenthevampire:jawwenthevampire 7 0
The Calm After The Storm
The Calm After The Storm
Ulquiorra quickly disintegrated. His hand was the last thing to vanish; Orihime stood hands clasped together, close to her chest. Ichigo stood staring coldly and silently for a few moments, the cuartro  espada had finally understood what a heart was, the knowledge had also killed him. Had he felt remorse for all that he had done?  No one knew, and no one ever would no. Because he was dead.
Ichigo turned to Orihime, he saw the glinting of tears in her eyes and moved over to hug her. At last, she was safe. He could barley begin to imagine what she was feeling. The trauma she must have been through.
"Inoue... Are you ok?
Orihime nodded, as the tears began to fall thick and fast from her eyes, Ichigo's soulder was quickly soaked with salty tears. As soon as she had begun it felt as if a heavy weight was gradually being lifted from her shoulders. One that had been crushing her over the last few days.  It took what
:iconjawwenthevampire:jawwenthevampire 6 14
The Scientist and the Quincy
World of the living; 7:48pm
The hollow vanished as the blue arrow plunged into it. Another one down. There had been a lot more hollow than normal this evening. And no sign of a shinigami, not even Kurosaki Ichigo was around.  He paused for a moment, his cape fluttering slightly in the breeze.  He pushed his glasses up. The weather had been usually cold and windy recently.  The streets were deserted; no one wanted to be out in the bitter wind. Uryuu mentally thank the gods he had his Quincy uniform on. It was warm, comfortable and made him look cool.
A hollow... More powerful than the others he had fought... East, most probably in the woods. He jumped up onto a building roof and used hirenkyaku, jumping from roof to roof faster than the humans could see. He reached the edge of the forest, realizing just how deep he would have to go to find the hollow. He landed silently and carefully on the hard earth approaching the first line of trees. T
:iconjawwenthevampire:jawwenthevampire 6 29
I'm honored.... by jawwenthevampire I'm honored.... :iconjawwenthevampire:jawwenthevampire 9 0

Uryuu by terano



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