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TimeClash: Holly Vs. Tessa


TLH Fandom Toxicity Case #1: #DoNotAgeTheLouds

TLH Fandom Toxicity Case #1: #DoNotAgeTheLouds

I've been seeing a lot of tweets lately regarding the 5th season of The Loud House: one of it is the hashtag #DoNotAgeUptheLouds. I wanted to share a bit of my opinion regarding this disgusting post on social media. I saw it on a tweet made by a person under the name of Jake Stone aka 05jstone, a fan of The Loud House from England. In my opinion in his fiery posts of absolute toxicity, what he did is absolutely disgusting. First of all, it's not a good idea to rant all about the Loud House characters aging up with some derogatory terms calling it atrocious, vandalism, and an animation crime; Second, you can't ask the crew to let them maintain in their current status: i.e reverting Benny to his original design from "L is for Love" or change Simon Sharp's canon appearance with a version made by Javier Benavides (JaviSuzumiya) from his SamColnVerse comic "It's (Not) Your Fault, it is also derogatory to say that you may hate fat people because Simon maybe a stout child, and it is more



(*Due to the recent Eclipse update, the Deviant Universe group may look and run a bit differently. I have come across some issues that I'm trying to resolve, so please bear with me as we continue Battle Royale*) BATTLE ROYALE 2020 - ROUND 3 - UNDERWATER SANCTUARY Following your last battle, you are teleported to yet another location on this unknown planet. Yet as you look around, you quickly realize that you're...underwater! Bubbles swirl around as you thrash in desperation to acquire air, but after a few seconds a strange breathing apparatus forms over your face. You breath a sigh of relief as you scan the underwater sanctuary. Strange vessels are scattered below, clearly damaged from a battle that has transpired in the past. You look up and realize that there is no surface as far as the eye can see. You begin to swim and notice that you are not slowed down as much by this strange green liquid that encompasses the ocean, and your movements are a bit faster than normal. Strange
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Welcome to my DA Page@ Here you find the UrvyVerse characters, fanart, the occasional fanfics and original UrvyVerse stories!

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So any to choose from....
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PIXAR movies, Ghostbusters Movies, and others
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Different kinds of books to be honest.
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I'm not sure
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Older and newer games
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Sometimes GIMP, FireAlpaca, Krita, or Medibang Paint Pro/Jump Paint, Pencil, Pen, Colored Pencils, and a Scanner!
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Artwork, video games, cartoons, movies
Welp, I’m 35 now
Since birthday notifications were removed, just to let everyone knows that my Birthday is on June 29th, this Monday.
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