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:ufo: Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the Urusei Yatsura Galaxy! :ufo:

As the name implies, this is a group dedicated to the first popular manga and anime show created by the comic queen Rumiko Takahashi! This is a group for all UY and Rumiko fans to gather! In this group we will be featuring mostly fanart, fanfiction and anything related to UY! We also welcome Crossovers with other Rumiko Takahashi series!

This group is kind of new, but these are new events coming soon for all members!

- UY Contests.
- UY Fanfiction section.

Here are some useful links that will help you get quickly in touch with the UY World:

- Rumic World - www.furinkan.com/uy/
- UY Manga - www.thespectrum.net/manga_scan…
- UY Anime HD - www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mK6lg…

If you know Rumiko Takahashi but have no idea of what exactly is UY about, checkout our blog!

Now enjoy yourselves in the UY world and post all the fanart you like!!

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Happy new year to everyone!

First I'll like to announce that it's trully a joy to see this group here in DA grow and grow everyday, thank you all fans of UY and also fans of Rumiko!

There is not much news regarding the awesome world of UY, but I still hope to see more wonderful fanart. I am sorry if I have sometimes seemed a little unactive, I'll try to fix that.

Well there is not much to say....just,

Happy 2012!

- UYG Founder.
Hello everyone,

I know you all have heard of the recent earthquake that rock Japan previous Friday and all the disasters that have occurred in this country since then. I really hope all our favorite artists, game designers, everyone that survived in Japan is doing alright. I don't like to say I can imagine the pain they are going through by giving my condolences but I beg and hope for everyone there in my favorite country to be alright. I know that Japan is a very strong country that would stand up quickly from this crisis. They have already surpass worst crisis than this one and I know they are going to rebuild and grow as a stronger Japan.

Japan, our love to you, a beautiful country!


- UYG Founder.

PD: I heard Rumiko Takahashi is alive and well!
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