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Had an insane amount of favorites tagged today (over 300) while I was at work, and I'm pretty sure that's the most I've ever gotten in a single day. Many thanks to all the watches and faves today and every day!
I've had a Twitter account since 2016 but up until recently hadn't had much impetus to post too terribly much. Its quickly become a Wildstar-focused feed but if you're at all interested in my time in-game and some of the thought processes involved in both character concept and housing plot development, might be worth a look!

I also occasionally post Overwatch/HotS/WoW stuff, but its probably not as interesting. Somehow Bravestarr got a mention today.
So today was the day NCSoft shut down Wildstar, the sci-fi western MMORPG that never really got either of the Ms it probably deserved. I spent a lot of time futzing around in Nexus over the last four years and I think many of us knew its days were numbered even as we hoped that wouldn't be the case...I was there today when they pulled the plug at 5pm EST, and there was a lot of love between players and developers who both felt a sense of loss over something that both sides enjoyed creating/playing. As I told many of them though, I'd rather have had it and lost it than never have had it at all - nothing in this life is permanent after all, but we're allowed to experience things throughout that make the journey that much better. I'll be posting some screenshots in the coming days as I sort through the hundreds I've taken of my housing plot, but in the meantime here's a small video made by someone other than'll see yours truly with the leafy mustache at 0:42, and again with my constant sidekick Littlehoof at 4:00.
So I had a few drinks here a minute ago because I really enjoy mixing beer and tomato juice when I had this thought.

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron only had one plane. How does this qualify as a squadron?

Commissions are coming out slower than is typical for a few reasons, the primary one being that I'm working a lot more hours at my day job so production's not as fast as usual. The other reason being that I've been trying to work closer with commissioners to be sure every step of the image is at least close to what they wanted, so sometimes that takes an extra day or two as well. Its always a joy to work on characters other than my own, and I always hope to make each commission worth the price. 
These two older WoW vids I'd created were lost for several years, but I was surprised to learn they were recently recovered and available for public view again - I'm putting them here because its always great when you get something back, no matter how simple. :D

but only sometimes 
Comms are technically closed, but I can probably fit in a couple more at the tail end of this run. Check the comm guidelines and drop me a note, thanks!
Ok, the doors are open until Monday, Oct 8 at 1am EST (GMT-4), so send your requests to me directly on a note here at DA.

- Right now I'm taking three types of commission requests: 

- Headshot (lines): $10, e.g.  Junkrat by UrusaiWrangler Headschott by UrusaiWrangler

- Bust (lines): $20, e.g.  Tyler by UrusaiWrangler Brie 3 (soft) by UrusaiWrangler

- Full figure (lines): $30, e.g. Heavily Armed by UrusaiWrangler EX Sheeri by UrusaiWrangler

- When requesting an OC sketch, a bit of character background or reference will give me a feel for what the end result should be. You can request simple poses or ideas, or just let me try something if you're stuck.

- In the interest of keeping folks from waiting too long, limit two commissions per request (one character = one commission)

- No fan art requests of existing IPs. 

- Won't be accepting any requests that involve nudity, graphic sex, et al. 

- No minors: all characters should be and should appear over the age of 18. 

- I'm not a 'hyper' artist as I do have an upper limit on size, so keep this in mind when sending your request.

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission request on any grounds. 

- I reserve the right to alter or add to these guidelines at any time.

Other than that, go nuts!
New commission round opening this coming weekend - watch this space.
Looks like I'm getting to the end of this current run - if you're on the list and you haven't heard from me yet, you will over the next two weeks.
She's okay and all, but Junkrat or GTFO
As most of you may have noticed on this run of commissions, things are running a little slower than usual. This is partly because I've had more hours at work, but also because in the interest of giving commissioners more input in the development of a piece, I've changed the way I do them. Typically I would take an idea, come up with a rough, and when the rough was approved i'd move onto the final. The problem was that a lot of detail usually went into the roughs and if a client wasn't entirely thrilled with the result, redoing them took more time than it should've. What I've done this time is introduce a newer stage, where I do a basic blockout for pose and sizing (basically a silhouette or armature-styled layout), then once that's approved I go into detail, and then the final penciling can be done. I always want my clients to feel that they're getting the most for their money, and based on some prior jobs I've done I decided this was the best way to establish a collaborative groundwork before spending a lot of time on detailing. This does add a third day to the usual two-day process, but in the end I think its better for everyone involved.

Recent commissioner finds herself a bit underwater...every little bit helps!
You guys never seem to get bored with the stuff I submit to the gallery here, but as I look through my own submissions I don't always see what the fuss is about. I mean, we're always our own worst critic I know, but a lot of my work isn't particularly dynamic. Have I improved at all over time? Does what I draw now look better than what I did ten years ago? Five? 
because good is dumb. Granted that poisoning the well isn't a new strategy, but it wasn't something the Alliance was expecting - which they should've.

Looks like the Alliance is gearing up for a bit of payback at the Undercity, but Varok Saurfang doesn't seem to be very interested. This one is over six minutes long, which I'm pretty sure is the longest Warcraft short Blizzard has ever produced, but its tonally very different from prior ones I've seen.

Things are heating up in a very real and literal sense. These continue to be stunning, although this one is particularly difficult to watch for several reasons.

Sometimes a full-blown sea shanty shows up where you least expect it. You don't have to play World of Warcraft to appreciate this short, and its an amazing piece of art.