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...but I'm still glad I learned. Sometimes we do things in the hopes of becoming the Next Big Thing...we chase fame because we think we deserve it, even though we're not anywhere close to as good as we'd like to think we are. But somehow along the way, despite ourselves, we earn real, true fans. I look at what so many artists are doing nowadays, artists who are so far beyond what I can do, and I ask myself, what makes me think I'm so special? The answer isn't in what I can do, but in the appreciation of the fans of what it is that I do. So what I learned too late is this: don't try to appeal to everyone, but rather, appeal to those that you don't have to try to appeal to at all. I don't consider myself a great artist, but I do enjoy bringing other peoples' ideas to life as well as my own, and without that motivation I don't know where I'd be. 

To all my real, true fans, I thank you. 
This round has come to a close, so thanks to all who inquired. I have about 20 pieces I'll be working on over the next two month period, but if you missed the deadline feel free to send me a note here and we can see about getting you at the end of the current list. Thanks!
Ok, the doors are open until Monday, July 9 at 1am EST (GMT-4), so send your requests to me directly on a note here at DA.

- Right now I'm taking three types of commission requests: 

- Headshot (lines): $10, e.g.  Junkrat by UrusaiWrangler Headschott by UrusaiWrangler

- Bust (lines): $20, e.g. 

Mature Content

Ursula by UrusaiWrangler
Tyler by UrusaiWrangler

- Full figure (lines): $30, e.g.

Mature Content

Heya by UrusaiWrangler
Heavily Armed by UrusaiWrangler

- When requesting an OC sketch, a bit of character background or reference will give me a feel for what the end result should be. You can request simple poses or ideas, or just let me try something if you're stuck.

- In the interest of keeping folks from waiting too long, limit two commissions per request (one character = once commission)

- No fan art requests of existing IPs. 

- Won't be accepting any requests that involve nudity, graphic sex, et al. 

- No minors: all characters should be and should appear over the age of 18. 

- I'm not a 'hyper' artist as I do have an upper limit on size, so keep this in mind when sending your request.

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission request on any grounds. 

- I reserve the right to alter or add to these guidelines at any time.

Other than that, go nuts!
I'll have commission guidelines posted here later today.
I'm working on two special projects this week for two clients, but I'll be opening a new round of commissions from Friday through Sunday so get those ideas ready and watch this space!
And if it HAS always been this bad, is there just a lot more of it these days?

I need another drink.
Today was a day where I sort of wished I could just end my internet, TV, and phone services and just live off the grid. Tomorrow will probably be the day when I figure out how to do it. The two days after that will be used to decide whether or not I should, and next week will be when I make the decision. 

I don't think much is going to change, but I wish I had the courage to make it so. I think life before the internet was a lot better than it is now.
So today I finally ran an official inquiry into emigrating to Canada (as well as the process for acquiring Canadian citizenship) with a Canadian law firm that specializes in immigration law. I have to wait a few days to find out whether I'm eligible (there's a fairly narrow corridor for eligibility) but I suspect I'll know one way or the other in a few days. Fortunately there's a second path I can pursue should the first one dead end, but I've put off this endeavor for years longer than I should've, and it seems that now is as an appropriate a time as any to at least ask some questions and get the ball rolling. I'll let you know if anything embarrassing happens.
I'm not sure who came up with the Goblin Sapper skin for Junkrat in Heroes of the Storm, but Reese's is now the second best convergence in the world 

This is what happens when your home dimension doesn't have TV
for reasons I'm not entirely clear on

I think next commission run I might add $10 portraits as an option, just head-and shoulders types of stuff. I did that for a bit over at my other DA account although I suspect any portraits I do here won't be as detailed as those since those are $20 portraits, and I do upper body for the same amount around here.
Since I started taking comms again last year, I feel that if I haven't worked on at least SOME art every day that I've wasted that entire day. Just something I noticed.
that even though I live right next to a heavily-wooded creek, there have been no spiders in my apartment this Spring. Or any other insects. Could be the fact that I sprayed everywhere with RaidMAX until the paint burnt off, but I digress. 
I treat every commission as if they were my own characters. I spend a lot of time thinking about who they are and what sort of pose would work with them (with the owner's assist, of course), so rest assured that if I take your commission, just as much of my own heart will go into it as if it was one of my own. :D
So I bought a new ream of paper to work on commissions since my last one finally ran out. This one is heavier weight than the last ream, and already I'm noticing a smoother line and better overall quality compared to the last ream I owned. It may or may not be evident in the scans I post here, but it does make my work a little easier on the production end - Lanthild 3 was the first image posted with the new ream, and everything from final linework to cleanup simply seemed a lot easier. Just thought I'd share because I'm three shots in and I can't think of anything more relevant to go on about.
Since November of last year, one-third of my monthly income comes from DA commissions. I've only been working part time since May of 2017, and your comms have helped supplement my typical 24-hour work week. I didn't want to say anything about it back when I began because I didn't want it to be like a GUYS GET MY COMMISSIONS OR I'M ON THE STREET sort of thing...I wanted to just throw it out there and see how things went, and the response is always overwhelming. Truth is you've all helped me keep a roof over my head since November, and I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. :D
This pretty much sums up all of it
This round of commissions is officially closed, and the current round should take me til late May/early June to complete at the usual pace of three pieces per week. However, if you still have a commission inquiry, fire me off a note here at DA and I can see about getting you in at the end of the current batch. Thanks again! :D