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Today Little Spike busts into the advertising game in a big, big way. Sometimes product placement is all about finding the right promo for the right person, and Spike seems like an unnatural natural for dryer sheets

Changed her hair up a bit to something a little less ragged 
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Lovely physique! great cuts on her arms, biceps, to her traps and PECS! Just enough of her thick steel thighs in those cute cut off denim! And knockout underboob cleavage! Love her hair style, cosmetics, and piercings! WINNING

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Excellent job on the colored version.

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It's not bad! There's not much I would change about it and I think the rough coloring style matches the rough lines fairly well.

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Le Gasp!! Colour!? From you!? Neato

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Yeah, I dunno what I was thinking
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Soooo Cute..Onion Not that I am complaining

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Nice, now she's in color.

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Still getting a grip on the GIMP toolset which isn't bad for free but could be more intuitive
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And now, with

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Pink (I hate my phone).

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I see no lies here.

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I'd read that sign all day
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God I love Little Spike so much - both her look and her attitude. Her self-aware playfulness and refusal to apologize for her own over-the-top aesthetic is just so endearing and fun.

I've always felt that renting out advertising space on large busts is something that more companies should invest in. It just offers so many opportunities, especially when the available space is as... expansive as Spike's. :D

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"I got 'em stuffed cuz I fuckin' felt like it" is pretty much where her head is at

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