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Redbuble suspended my account and I dont know why. They didnt send me any warnings, emails or anything else. And now they are not answering my emails for a week to their suuport. I dont know what to do. I have been uploading there for 4 years and had a lot of followers, sales there. And all that time I spent on uploads and now I need to start again? I dont even know how I can get the money that I earned for this mounth. Maybe someone knows how it all works or can help me somehow(write to their support or just spread the word) and maybe they will do something.
My dear friends and watchers. Could you please vote for my design for t-shirts here…
you can log through facebook and press 5 in the heart. Many thanks to all, and maybe I win who knows:) (Smile)
I would be happy to draw something for you.:)
If someone is interested some of my works are available here and here… as art prints.
If someone is interested some of my works are available here as art prints. I'll add the rest there a little later. Thank you for your attention.