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Amazing 😍😍
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"L-L-Look at this Morty. This is good shi-BLAAAUUG! This is good shit Morty. Y-You can finally see my age! It's not t-tied - tied down by crappy art design Morty. Now I actually look old, Morty. This is what quality Fanart looks like, Morty. The colors, the a-atmosphere... I'm not going to pretend I'm an Art critic Morty, but this, this is g-good shit Morty, good shit."

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Fantastic work with the colors! 😍
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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
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Just bit older
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This looks like Markiplier
Man, this is fucking awesome, would it be okey for you if i used this as profile picture on steam/discord etc?
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Ok, if you credit me
Rick Schwarzenegger is looking really good !
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Hi.. sory for giving you such bad news but some criminals are selling this
  Urutuy by tacianap
If you want to I can send you the fb link via messenger chat so that you can report them personally, if not I'll just do it myself...
sorry for the awful news :(
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Hi, thank you for telling me. If you can, please report them. Where they are selling this? Thank you again for letting me know.
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Talked to them and they removed it.. sure it won't happen again (not with them) But just a friendly advice... do not upload your original drawings with such a high resolution and size or use watermarks 
Best of luck and keep artsting!
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I already reported to facebook, but still don't know if send a drect message to them, thi things make me mad.
They are selling this in Argentina :( (Sad) and it's not only your art but also from other artists and photographers 
you are welcome,  
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Thank you, yes its not a very good idea to upload in high resolution but I just wanted poeople to see them how they are:) and I was thinking about watermarks too...
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Rick looks like he's about to assume he's ultimate form
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