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После моей первой работы скина на тему Mass Effect 2 ([link]), захотелось чего то подобного, но в другой цветовой гамме. Просто поменять цветы было не интересно, да и это был бы уже не Mass Effect 2, поэтому решил сделать вариацию на первый Mass Effect.

В меню Settings Launcer'а можно изменить настройки темы и заменить все приложения кнопок Launcer'а (кроме кнопки Settings).

Левый клик по иконке Hdd открывает папку диска.

Чтобы скин увидел ваш торрент, нужно в настройках торрента во вкладке Web-интерфейс поставить галачку напротив пункта "Использовать Web-интерфейс" и задать логин и пароль, а так же задать альтернативны порт. И занести все эти данные в настройки темы при помощи кнопки Settings Launcer'а. Теперь пойдите в "Настройки > Дополнительно" перейдите в самый конец списка и дважды щелкните по "webui.token_auth" вход, чтобы изменить его значение с "true" на "false".


After my first work скина on theme Mass Effect 2 ([link]), I wanted samething similar, but in other color scale. Simply it was not interesting to change colors, and it wouldn't be any more Mass Effect 2, therefore has decided to create a variation on the first Mass Effect.

In the Launcher's Settings you can change settings of these theme, and aplication in launcher.

Left clic on HDD's icon open a disk folder.

Open uTorrent Preferences> Web UI
Enable Web UI and enter desired username & password
Make sure "Alternative Listening Port" is checked and your value.
Bring all this data in options of a theme by means of button Launcers Settings.
Now go to Preferences> Advanced and scroll to the very bottom of the list and double click the "webui.token_auth" entry to change it from true to false. Once changed to false, click apply.

Also you can see these work and more screenshots here => [link]

You will need Rainmeter to run this skin. You can download Rainmeter from [link] And SpeedFan [link] if you want, that the temperature of the processor and HDD was displayed.

PS: I'm sorry for my very bad english.



Нашёл сегодня классный скин погоды ([link]) и решил обновить на его базе свой. Разумеется с разрешения автора ([link]). За что ему отдельное спасибо!

Итак, теперь в моём скине погоды:
- данные берутся с сайта;
- отображается погода на текущий момент и дополнительные данные, такие как: давление, скорость ветра, влажность и тд;
- а так же прогноз на 3 дня.
Для тех кому вдруг не понравится новый скин, старый удалять не стал.

Чтобы установить свой город, нужно:
1. Зайти на сайт и найти там свой город.
2. Скопировать адрес странички своего города.
3. Открыть настройки темы (Кнопка Settings на Launcher'е).
4. Вставить скопированный адрес в поле RuCityURL.
5. Обновить скин.


Has found today class weathers skin ([link] and has decided to update my skin on its base. Certainly with the permission of the author ([link]). For what to him separate thanks!

So, now in mine weathers skin:
- The data undertakes from a site;
- displayed weather by the current moment and the additional data, such as is displayed: pressure, speed of a wind, humidity...;
- the forecast for 3 days.
For those suddenly it will not be pleasant to a clod new skin, I didn't delete old skin.

To establish the city, it is necessary:
1. To come on a site and to find there your city.
2. To copy the address of a page of your city.
3. To open theme options (Button Settings on Launcher).
4. To insert the copied address in the field EngCityURL.
5. To update skin.
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Hey sorry to bother but i'm trying to figure out how to get the Media player to work, unfortunately the link in the applications page seems to be out dated and I can't figure out how to use it. Any help would be much appreciated.
Specifically the player doesn't seem to work unless AIMP3 is already open, also it doesn't display details like song name, album etc.
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Hello, I was wonder why I cannot get the RSS feed to work. I copied and pasted the links to the feeds into the "Change RSS" text file.
How Do i get the Media Player to Work?
Ho and I'm Using "Windows Vista - Home Premium"
I'm looking to change the colour of the launcher from blue to black or may be grey. Is it possible? Please let me know.
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Мне кажется, или центры Mission Computer'а и таблички в временем не совпадают?
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с временем*
Hi ! My temperature still remains to be at 0 Fahr , how can I fix this?  (I am very noob at Rainmeter ) . And how can you change the Fahr to Celsius  ? Thanks in advance ! Hardcore Mass Effect Fan right here. 
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это просто великолепно *О*
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Can someone help me with the torrent settings, I got to the part where you set the webui settings in utorrent itself, but what happens after is a mystery to me!
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Please note that I have used this in my suite Blue Overview and you have been credited for that [link]

Thanks :)
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Hi there, I love this theme and it looks beautiful, but I have one problem.... is it possible to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius for all temperatures? As I don't use Fahrenheit it's causing me quite a lot of confusion!
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I noticed that it depends on the state or city. Sometimes I just stuck.
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For some reason the main temperature on the weather tab is missing. It just shows " 'F " on its side, no number.

Do you know what is happening?
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Я хз чт такое масс эффект, не играл, но скин доставил ^^
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Oh, you made both Mass effect skins!? I just downloaded this one, but still have some elements from the first skin. Love them both, so thanks for creating them and sharing!
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nice work!! i love this skin. and i am using it now.

Btw, Do you know how to change the "utorrent" section to show my IDM or download progress?? or maybe the status of my modem (signal strength, HSPA/Ev Do, etc)

if you do please tell me

pardon my grammar (i'm not native speaker)
i really like this skin but just two questions
1.same as the other guy, how to add more hdd to the hdd panel (external hdd)
2.for some odd reason i can't use the button left no.3 on left and right can u help
otherwise a very awesome skin
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Currently setting this one up and I love it so far, but I have one problem: How can I add more HDDs to the HDD panel?
I've been able to get everything to work great except the RSS Reader. When I plug in my own RSS URLs I get nothing except the numbered lines. Is there something I'm missing?
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