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20 Percent Cooler

Mostly for a little boy...
Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. :iconso-awesomeplz: I plan to do this in my own style soon. But..let me know what you think. ^^; My first time..I'd like to improve. :icon20percentcoolerplz:

This was a request for :iconseptic-kitty: ..she drew me I just had too! :heart: I've seen a couple episodes. I DON'T see why it is SO popular..but I can see why people like it. It is really cute..and they have tons of different personalities. :aww: I love Rainbow Dash and Applejack. think there are some people who obsess with it. :fear: first time drawing her...I sucks.. x-x :dead:

Rainbow Dash-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic :iconbrohoofplz:
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So you WEREN'T joking when you said you had mlp in your gallery. XD Meh, you're weird either way, but still in a good way. And I like this because that pony looks evil and not all sparkles and crap. Kinda looks punk because of the rainbow hair. XD Very nicely done! Anything is loveable when you draw it and I say that with 110% honesty! ^^
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:iconimsureplz: I drew it for Kristi's little brother. ^^; I hate MLP...but it was worth it to see him smile. No.. D": Guess.. I must be one of those weirdos who scare you by having that in my gallery..huh? :( I hate sparkly ponies...or bright pink ones. Thank you so much. You're a suck up... But thank you. ^^ I suppose you mean that. ^^
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Aw, that was nice of you! It's always nice to be able to make someone smile! ^^ Aw come on, I was only joking! I would never judge someone because they like something! Even if you loved MLP, I wouldn't care! ^^ You don't scare me at all! :glomp: Except when you say you wouldn't kill me....yet. XD What if it was sparkly AND bright pink?! XD I am not a suck up! You're welcome! ^^ Of course I mean it! Would I ever lie to you?

I gotta run to the store with my Mom real quick. I'll be back soon and I'll talk to you then! (If you're still awake) Hopefully my Mom won't shop for two hours. >o> XD
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Yeah..he was such a little sweetie. Unfortionately..I can't see him anymore..when Kristi found out I might have cancer..she freaked out and told my 'contaminated-ass' not to go anywhere near her brother because I might leak radiation and kill...them.. ..
LIES!! o3o You meant it. It's fine though. I would never love it. D": I think it's ok..but it's freaky to know there are 20+ year old guys who want to screw those ponies. :fear: Awww, I'd never kill you. && omg...if it was sparkly and pink..I'd shoot myself! I..don't think you would me. D:

OK! have fun. I'll be up all night. Omg..long shopping suuuuuucks.
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Oh wow, really? I'm sorry about that. She actually said that? That is so stupid! I'm so sorry about that Becky-chan! May I...ask you a question? You wouldn't have to answer it if you don't want to though.
OK, I wasn't joking about finding it weird that anyone over fifteen may like Mlp, but I am being serious about not judging someone because of it! ^^ I've never watched an episode of it ever. XD W-what?! Oh come on! I get that some people have weird fetishes, but that is just over the line! They need a mental check up! I would hope you wouldn't! XD If you have a gun, don't shoot yourself, shoot IT! XD I would never lie to you, I swear. ^^

It was actually pretty fun it just being my Mom and I. ^^ You'll be up all night? It does suck! We weren't to long with shopping, but we came home and started some karaoke. It's so funny to watch my Mom try to sing Fresh Prince of Bel-air and Party Rock Anthem. XD
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Awww, don't be sorry about that. ^^ You have NO reason to apalogize. I kinda' drew this for my sis too..kinda' had a double motive. ^^ Awww, well...she's kinda' been a bit different since she lost her I can't say as I can get mad at her..she has a lot on her can take it..I mean..I can understand..some people just don't understand. UH... Is it mean? D": can ask. ^^

Lol! I know..i was just teasing. XD I think it's ok. No different than a 32+ year old liking Naruto. ^^ I don't judge like you..I mean..I get a tad annoyed seeing ponies ALL over DA..but..I do :+fav: some of it..because I like the LA for it. o_o I wanna do LA like that SOOOO badly. DX I've actually seen ALL the episodes of MLP. O_o; I have watched some with my sister, some with Kristi's brother (I just noticed..I spelled her name diff a lot.. XD; ) and one on my own.. ^^; OMG! I know..that is practically fantasizing about beastiality! DX (SP?) They call it 'clopping' instead of 'fapping' ... :no: Oh yeah... xD OK! I'd shoot it! Awww, I'm glad..I know you wouldn't. ^^ You're to do that.

Awww, I'm glad you had fun. :D Yeah..I'm working on a point I'll try to get as much done tonight. ^^ Awwww, well I'm glad you did that. x3 OMG! She tried to sing Fresh prince of Bel-air and party rock anthem!? XD I love those two songs! I sing fresh prince all the time. XP So I assume you had fun doing karaoke? :'3
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I am sorry though! I may not, but I do apologize on her behalf. ^^ Oh really? Well double motive is a good thing! Yeah, but even if she did, she shouldn't say things like that to you. Nobody should be told something like that because the other person is upset. No, it's not mean at all. At least I don't think it is. OK, well, I just wanted to it cancer?

You teaser! XD Ah, I guess you're right about that, it's just the same. ^^ I actually think it's kinda cute that they have the Naruto mlp, and if they look good, I have commented on some of them. XD I haven't seen a Kisa mlp, though i guess that may be because he is already a shark. XD I think your linearts are lovely! You have? Just how many episodes are there? (I never noticed that you did. XD) Yes it is! It's rather gross. DX (I have no clue how it's spelled) They even have a name for it?! You know, I just learned what 'fapping' was the other day, and I almost died. Yes! SHoot it! XD I never would! ^^ It's not that I'm to nice, it's that I was taught to be honest. ^^

So am I! Oh really? That's great! Good luck with that Becky-chan! I bet you'll get a lot done! Yes she did! It was so funny! i loved it! XD I love them both! I haven't seen Fresh Prince on TV for a while and I kinda miss it. XD Yep! They are watching Teen Wolf now, but I'm probably gonna be going to sleep soon. XD
Urufei-Chopsticks's avatar
You shouldn't have to apologize for someone else. ;w; Yeah..inspires me more! XD Although..all my sister talks about it MLP..and I swear to Jashin..If I have to hear, "OH MY CELESTIA" one more time! :iconimdeadplz: Awww, she's just stressed..I don't really talk to her much after she said that..and after she spiked my camera..anyway. :( I'm kind of use to people flying off the handle like that.. D: *Blinks* uh...well..N-No. D: Would it be bad if it was? D":

I know. XD Yeah, I saw one of Sai and Kakashi. I didn't like the Sai one..but I liked Kakashi. XD But that's about it.. D: I wonder if a Kisa MLP would be insulting to a shark.. XD; But I can do better! D: Um...more than there should be.. XD; 20-something? It scares me a bit. xx Yeah..they even made a name for it. D: I think I learned awhat fapping was a year ago..but accident. :fear: But being honest..makes you nice! XD

I hate the colors I have to use..I can work with piiiiiiiiiiink! XD Thank you. :heart: I bet it was. XD I haven't seen it on TV lately...I miss it too. XD What is teen wolf? oo Awwww, yeah..that's're getting off schedule again..aren't you? XD
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Very cool! She looks just like in the show. ^^ One small improvement I could suggest is giving the corners and points (like her mane and tail) sharpened ends instead of leaving them rounded. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes. ;3
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Dashieeeee 0w0 <3333 :la: :squee:

Oh god if I even TRY to draw ponies they turn out looking like dragons. :icondeathstareplz:
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XD She is so cool! Her and Applejack as my favs! :XD:

O_O...but...but..dragons are cool. So..that should be a good thing!!! :love:
Mystery-Amalgamate's avatar
.... oh my god
They're my favorites too. oAo

GUH my dragons are terribleeee @ A @

Also CAN I HAVE A HUG BECKY? :iconfoxcryplz:
Urufei-Chopsticks's avatar
O_O REALLY!? :iconbrohoofplz: THAT'S AWESOME!!! :love:

WHAT!? ARE NOT! D": Why would you think that? :hug:
Awww, of course you can have a hug!!! *BIG HUGS* You ok? D:
Mystery-Amalgamate's avatar
dxkjhfskjd <3

YES THEY ARE, ALL MY DRAGONS ARE TERRIBLE, THEY'RE ALL ANATOMICALLY INCORRECT although that's probably just me getting hung up on little details. .3.

Am I okay, you ask? Lets see, hmmm, mmm... no ;n;

Urufei-Chopsticks's avatar

O": I don't think so! I love dragons of all kinds! <3 :icondragonlick: Especially unique looking ones. :"3 Being hung up on little details can be a good thing, though. :'3 I always get hung up on small details..and it gives me something to try and focus on. :icononionloveplz:

*Super tackle hugs* AWWW! ;w; I miss talking to you too!!! :iconbrohugplz: It seems so empty when I don't talk to you! D":
Mystery-Amalgamate's avatar
>v<~ :heart:

dhjakda I-I-I could draw a dragon for you sometime after Christmas if you want ;w;
Also I'm so used to freaking out over little details/nitpicking because of my friend 'cause she nitpicks all the tiiiiiiimeeeee. :iconorzplz:

GHK- :icondragonglomp: /black dragon
I wish we could talk more again, I mean I understand you're busy and all but it seems like since you ended up switching accounts we haven't been in any contact at all aside from a poke or two on FB. ;A;
Urufei-Chopsticks's avatar
YESSS!!! I would love you forever if you would draw me a dragon! ;w; I love dragons..however I cannot draw them. If you draw me a dragon..I can draw you something as well! :love:
XD You have a nit-picky friend, as well!?

XD WHITE DRAGON! :icondragonglomp:
Yeah..I've had a lot going on..lately. :C I'm not very happy with how things in my life are going. I am so lonely..and my boyfriend is suffocating me..whenever I make a friend...he scares them I've been horribly lonely. :no: I don't seem to go on facebook a lot. :XD: I mean..I love it..but at the same time..I forget about it! D": I sowwy!
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:D 20% Cooler than most pony art
20,000,000% cooler than anything I can do.
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AHHHHHHHH~ OMG~ She looks so cute~ XD You drew her so perfectly! *is jealous!!* I LOVE IT! Thank you thank you! This picture is like 20% cooler now!~ OuO *SUPER DEATH HUG A COMING!*
Urufei-Chopsticks's avatar
XD omg..what a relief..I thought you hated me!!! It took me..>FOREVER! XD I wanted to do black lineart...SOOOOOOO bad! :XD: It drove me nuts!!!!!! :icon20percentcoolerplz: XD Now give me my super death hug! :XD:
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that's really good!
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