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wohEye Zoom ... Sans is freaking out! I'm pretty curious to know your opinion about this pageF2U Little Sprout Bullet 



:  Soultale-Page 1

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translation by MijumewAndCo
correction by Driaz1122
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g-good questions lionelle
oooh god it hurts
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Don’t know why but this actually made me tear up a bit while reading this. They both have valid points. Lionelle did basically just suddenly started living there and even so he’s more protective of his brother and wants to see him happy but he’s also in the wrong for just basically using her to go to Grillbys and telling her that she shouldn’t help others while contradicting himself when he tried to help her even if it was because Papyrus asked he could have just done nothing and told Papyrus after school she didn’t really say much to him either.
UnderGab's avatar
Good introspection inside Sans character
13-Lenne-13's avatar
Yay telling terrible things because you are mad!
Charles-Knapp's avatar
That was unnecessary. 
CinnabunOWO's avatar
ItS aLl BeCaUsE sHe LeFt ThE rUinS mY dUdEs
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Honestly,  if I was told that I would leave with whatever I owned, and not come back. I would feel bad for not saying anything to Paps, but I don't think I'd be able to face him. I would think that he might be doing what Sans was doing, using me and not caring. After all, it could be him faking it. Then again, it's hard for me to put trust into others, and of they break it, it's over for pretty much good.
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Suns is going to kill her
I'm almost sure.
I dunno who is right, because Sans has a reason for that, (he could be even using Lionelle to get into Grillby's then tell her to leave but Papyrus got really attached to her) but i really feel bad for Lionelle...
ShadyGamer213's avatar
Lionelle does pose an interesting question, sans. 

In all honesty, I think sans is almost right to act that way. Yes, she pretty much barged in and disrupted his and papyrus' home. Yes, she did nothing but cry for a couple days.

But the only thing is, she thought the 'adoptive sister' thing was real. She thought she was actually starting to warm up to sans, but sans was just using it as a ploy to get into Grillby's and to appease Papyrus. It seems he was fully intent on that not actually becoming real, maybe do it for a couple months then tell her to leave, but she was so happy that she was part of a family again. 

So sans, Please don't say anything stupid on the next or following pages. And Lionelle, just for now, don't trust anyone too much. That's my conclusion.
LiinaTheManedWolf's avatar
You are right

Sans acted defensive, and right, but i think he is also being jealous
hopeofnyan's avatar
finally, the moments of truth. and brutal honesty that was a long time coming.
CQ-SkyPaint's avatar
I hope lionelle doesn’t run off. I feel like she would but, I feel like at the same time it’d be great growth if maybe she’s going to leave but she stops to help him? Because the sister thing came up really fast, but if they do care at all, I feel like she’d try to help him even if he doesn’t want it. Because that’s what siblings do, and that’s growth for Lionelle running from her problems
BFFSlps's avatar
Here we go again. Time for her to run off.
GracefullSpud's avatar
That went form 100 To 1000!!! Damn....But I dunno who to side to be on... Cause Sans has a point but I feel  bad for Lionelle...
Leiko-Moon's avatar
wow...that was violent ^^' Great job as Always! I hope we will see the next episode soon!

I think the only way for Lionelle to help Sans is to reconcile him with Grilby...but how...hum.....
TC-96's avatar
careful there, Samns, I don't think you'll be able to say your answer with a foot in your mouth .3.
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I just discovered the newest page right now, but I can't help but notice that "erlier" is missing an "a". 
Aurora-dragon-42's avatar
All i know is that i need to see more!
WafflesAndTissues's avatar
He’s gonna regret everything he’s saying in a hot second

Also, he feels like Papyrus is ignoring him. Which might not be too far off the mark, but it’s not really anyone’s fault. It’s not like Papyrus is doing it intentionally.
Apple-cat-19's avatar
thats a lot of salt you just threw in the cheese
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