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Year of the Pear -- Miniprint

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The webcomics group I'm part of--NCWCCC [link] --is doin' a thing whereby the participants offer miniprints at each of the conventions we do. They're small, 4 x 6, cheap ($3 for mine) and specific to the convention, so they hopefully wind up being kinda collectible. The thinking is that you can pick up a standard sized photo album for dirt cheap, and wander around and collect the miniprints from your favorite artists, which gives you a nice cross-section of art for not a lot 'o cash.

This is the sort of thing that benefits from getting as many people involved as possible--I'll be doing an Anthrocon 08 print as well, and if anybody else is interested, jump in and give it a try!

This is my mini-print for HeroesCon, which I'll be attending towards the end of the month, in Charlotte. I'll be sharing a table with the great gang of the Dada Detective, and the redoubtable Otter of A Girl and Her Fed. As you can see, it seemed like time for the Pear to make an appearance.

Full-size non-mini prints are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details!

HeroesCon Info: [link]
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Can you hug otter for me?
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lol XD great job on this!
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I think the pear is auto-win at this point. Nice project. ^-^d
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i really like this idea, makes me want to do one. there aren't enough cons in Australia though, and i always end up being the visitor not the visited.
i'd love to buy one of your prints, so i shall now look at the info.
i heart le pear, it is tres cute lol.
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Neat-o. See you at the con.

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Neat little project :D Nice one!
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This is very cool!! I love the colors!
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Oh god. Now I have to figure out how to go to something I had decided not to attend.

Drat you, Ursula Vernon.
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ANOTHER pear!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! *throws confettie in air* I love these... :iconlolwutplz:
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Oh that biting pear... :lol: :smooch:
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That's such a great idea for conventions!
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lol @ dada detective :]

wish i could go...
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...Yeah, that's all I got.
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DUDE. I love your art, and I was looking at this and I saw "Charlotte, NC" and did a double take because I mean it's where I live!

I would so go to HeroesCon (I didn't even know Charlotte HELD any cons) but I'm gonna be out of town when it's on. Augh.

Love the pear, though.
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This a-pears to be an excellent idea. =};-3
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Nice job! I love the friendly smile you gave this guy - with great big buck teeth, too! <3
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