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Writing Poems For Wolves

By ursulav
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My brain and my fingers were itching to do SOMETHING. I started a dozen sketches, and this was the only one that wasn't preternaturally awful.

I don't know, sometimes I paint just to prove I haven't completely lost the ability to move pixels around. It looks sincere--what it means, however sincerely, is someone else's problem.
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FeatherSpiral's avatar
Writing Poems For Predators Who Chase And Kill Our People
Skaramine's avatar
She is so beautiful. 
ArteSerberal's avatar
beatifull illustration. .!
Azuregos's avatar
Wow, this is great artwork. It's so life-life, real and unbiased. Great peace of sincere art. 
DreamTheorem's avatar
This is really beautiful, I love the realistic anatomy.
Skywolf55's avatar
I love the real type female body. Great feels.
PaulEberhardt's avatar
Hmmmm... now what would rhyme with "Howl!"??

Not "Growl!" - we've had that already. :D
Luckysweep's avatar
What kind of deer is this? Because most of the kind I know, the females don't have horns.
GallusVarius's avatar
Caribou, or 'reindeer,' I believe, which, perhaps rather uniquely, posses antlers as females. ^^
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
And I notice that the "Emperor Doe" has her more unguarded moments… 7@=e
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Incredible work, as always ! For sure, you didn't loose any ability ! :)
davincipoppalag's avatar
quite an interesting and well done piece
ursulav's avatar
Aww, thank you!
pearwood's avatar
You and Steph are the two artists here I have followed the longest, all the way from Lothlorien.  It's been quite a ride.
Zsantz's avatar
You're right, this isn't awful, it's awesome. I like the details of the hooved fingers, and the rest of the composition flows beautifully. The wolves will be amazed.
somk's avatar
Indeed you still know how to move pixels around! XD I love it (too bad we couldn't meet at Loncon3 :( )
pearwood's avatar
That would be scary. :nod:
Lurks-no-More's avatar
An alienated reindeer lady, or just a doe who's interested in the utterly different perspective of wolves? Be it one or another or something else entirely, this is a very interesting and beautiful pic. :)
prolixity's avatar
I love the fleshiness and weight of her body.
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
So far, the only Cervine poet to write in Lupine: her "Flavor of the Unborn Fawn", while extremely controversial, has been highly praised in the "New Morph Times" Literary Supplement…. 7@=e
rodentfanatic's avatar
I love antlered does! I also like she kind of has some flesh going on there versus the usual very slender anthro-deer (which is understandable since they're very slim, gracile-looking creatures, but I always love seeing something new)
Kalenai's avatar
I don't know what it is exactly, but I really like it.  
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