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Oh, sure, summoning dragons and demons and whatnot LOOKS very impressive, with the smoke and the roaring and the foot-long fangs. But they're really only good for smiting your enemies, and while everybody loves a good smiting, it's just not terribly versatile.

But when you want a tunnel dug or a castle wall sapped or even just a field turned over--that's when you call on the Wormlord. His giant annelid minions can get the job done, for a reasonable price and with no smiting or virgin sacrifices required.

I wanted to do something with a strong dynamic swoopy line, and somehow I wound up with the Wormlord...

Digital, Painter 7, Wacom tablet. Prints available for $10 and $20, plus shipping--visit [link] for details or send a note!
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hahaha nice one
I swear half of you have never seen a worm in your life, judging by your jokes. But meh, its all in good fun I suppose.

Great picture btw.
                                                                                                                        This does not look like a P A I N I S ! ! !
                                                                                                                         The people down there(VVVVVVVV) are crazy!
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bow down to earth penis
I for one welcome pur new worm overlord.

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Wormlord (G)(G)(G)
Creature- Mole Shaman
(G)(G)(G),(Tap): Place a 4/1 red Worm creature token with haste and mountainwalk on the battlefield. Exile that token at the begining of your next endstep.
When a Worm creature you control deals combat damage to a player, that player sacrifices a non-basic land he or she controls.
Sacrifice wormlord and a worm you control: Creatures you control are unblockable this turn.
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Penis of the Earth, i call you....!!!
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Oof. Poor mole.
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the worm...the shape of it...kinda hehe naughty.
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Bought this print along time ago and I have never taken it off my wall.. Has to be my all time favorite piece of yours.
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oh my god! Is this inside some ones colon?
This is very cool. And also strange, in a good way.

Great stuff.
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what a wonderful idea and so well executed. you got so wonderful child-book ideas!
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I absolutely adore this picture. You have an amazing way of drawing/painting and a very creative imagination.
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Anyone who conjures something that big and that phallic must be compensating for something...
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I was about to say, it looks like a giant willy, XD

Then again, that's Mother Nature's fault, not ursu, ^^
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Well, Mother Nature's fault for giving the mole such a small... molehood that he has to compensate by summoning something like that.

But then, I've always wondered about the mentality of thoose who summon cretaures in fantasy works (whether they be deomns, undead, monsters, or BFW). The whole dominating of something bigger than yourself speaks plainly of an inferiority complex.
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I'll never get the word "molehood" out of my head again, you do realize this?

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That was my intention.

Now try thinking about the implications of the word 'wormhood.'
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