World's Smallest Nun
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Sister Mary Chagnon, the "teacup nun," is one of the more popular attractions Sister Rosemary's Curious Convent, the largest sideshow act in Miss Tansybaum's Circus of the Moderately Peculiar.

What few viewers know is that Sister Mary Chagnon had a long and checkered career in the carnival before joining the Traveling Order of St. Barnaby. She was Trixie the Pixie for many years, a much racier act involving several sequins, two bits of dental floss, and a single high-heeled shoe.

While Sister Mary has supposedly renounced all of that, it is worth noting that she keeps several of Trixie's posters in her trailer and will reminisce about the good old days at the drop of a shotglass.*


Fooling around with a more monochromatic version this time, since it IS a nun. This one involved various cut papers, illustration board, ribbon, acrylic squares, clayboard and metal brads.

Original for sale--drop a line if interested, prints available at Red Wombat Studio: [link]

*In her case, a ceramic thimble with pansies painted on it.
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the only nun on DA that has clothers on, only for that this should be a meme
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LizCohn|Professional Traditional Artist
this is great!
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These are so adorable... and if I had any money I'd be snapping these up.

(Paying phone bills good.)
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gamehengraphics|Professional Digital Artist
Ha ha! Love it!!!
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I'll have to "2nd"! what my S:)NNY said here... YOU are absolutely amazing with all that fills your brainbox!!! Good art ~ and good words ~ lethal combo!!! I'll raise my "shot" to you! Another excellent piece! Thanks for making it available!
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I have to admit to being totally fascinated by your nuns. And the saint! Ever gonna do a portrait of St. Barnaby?
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Ellygator|Hobbyist General Artist
She still looks like she's got some tricks up her sleeve!
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jjferrit|Professional Filmographer
hehehe, you come up with the most random little stories XD
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KetsuekiRyu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant piece and an exceptional story to boot.
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Wonderful, as always. I have to know though, is that hankie material in the corners? It amazes me that you can do so much with just everyday things. I love art...drawing, painting, molding...but I don't have the vision. You clearly have it. Can't wait to see the next, if you decide to continue.
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Good one, Ursula...love your whimsical characters who appear in your works...and commentary.:D Keep 'em coming! :D
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Good one, Ursula...love your whimsical characters who appear in your works...and commentary.:D Keep 'em coming! :D
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Somehow, I think that having faith the size of a mustard seed would be difficult for her... ;)
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enricap|Professional Artisan Crafter
she's adorable, and I wouldn't mind seeing those Trixie posters :)
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Aqua-feather|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this series. your so creative!
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PixleRelish|Hobbyist General Artist
She's very adorable, yet I can see a glint of her past in that devious smirk of hers. xD

I really like how the black and white on the border compliments the image.
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You're just rockin' this series. Fabulous, keep it up.
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A.. teacup nun. ... I... Um... Having gone through 4 years of Catholic school before turning to my mother and saying, "No more. Not havin' it. It's either public school or purple hair," this fills me with a certain kind of glee that borders on the diabolical. Oh, to have a miniaturized Sister Maureen to put into a hamster ball for the amusement of the cats...
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This is wonderful!
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I have to say, I just am insanely in love with this series. And I've had "That Frog'll Cut You" stuck in my head now for DAYS.

I may have to a print of this if made available for my mom or one of my aunts.
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shether|Hobbyist General Artist
that's funny :D
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I love this most of all because George Carlin, back in the '70s, did a great Ed Sullivan impression where he called out an act called "The World's Largest Nun." I'm so glad there is a flip side to that.

:D Rock on.
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GoldeenHerself| Traditional Artist
I have to say, THESE ARE SO COOL! I totally want to try my hands at it. :3
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Wonderful. :)
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