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Wildebeets at the Ford

By ursulav
A traveller across the Serenghetti, coming to a river crossing in the heat of the day, may well find themself captivated by one of nature's most magnificent sights. Roots held high, horns gleaming in the sun, leafy tails trailing in the water and red flanks glistening with sweat and dust, the vegetables pass in a small herd, crossing the river at the shallowest point. Largest of the vegelope family, capable of standing off a pride of onions, wildebeets at the ford.


Okay, okay, it was a quick piece, I had the idea this morning and wanted to get it down, so it's just a loose but entertaining bit 'o silliness in Painter 7, in the Weird Fruit family.

PRINTS AVAILABLE! We gots the standard 8.5 x 11 for $10, a jumbo limited edition for $45, and possibly an even bigger one, in a run of like 5, although we're still lookin' in to that and I'm not sure what the price would be. Send a note or drop a line, always glad to set that up.
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Nyerguds's avatar

Oh, that is a glorious pun. I salute you!

ConnorDioda's avatar

You missed out on the best pun of all: CANTELOPES! XD

This is so cute, it is almost unbearably funny and sweet. Your imagination alone gets 5 stars any day, and the execution is top-notch, too.
jamerson2withadult's avatar
who else thinks they looked liked horned tomato ducks? homatucks
Noctilucia's avatar
This is so absurd and nonsensical, and I love it.
lolzalimango's avatar
"Serenghetti." Spaghetti.
budle89's avatar
Are you by any chance writing Bob's Burgers too?
TannMann64's avatar
The noses are funny-looking
ReaderOEllenW's avatar
Haha well never going to see my garden the same way again. rofl 
Your art is awesome. Clap 
RainbowWolfie8887's avatar
The idea of "wildebeets" is hilarious, haha! nice work!
Lamp-P0st's avatar
all your pieces are so interesting :0
KalahariMeerkatfan's avatar
I would so love to see one of those onions...XD onion-lions...nice. I think it's lovely though
crunchfarm's avatar
OMGness!When i was little i thought wildebeests were wildebeets.i was sooo confused!Thank you for drawing this!
aktigerlily's avatar
bahaha i love it!!
vincentursus's avatar
That is brilliant. I regret I find myself unable to better articulate my critique than that.
littlechagrinx's avatar
I lovvvveee theeeemmm. <3@
SwampLogger15's avatar
AWESOME! XD Their tails are oddly pretty! :D I love them! I love their shape! :excited:
Jewelle1618's avatar
this is the only time ive ever wanted beets...
Kairu-Hakubi's avatar
this is the funniest one yet XD
AnnaCStansfield's avatar
ahahah! I always get a kick out of your work. So hilarious, genius and unique. Love this.

So when do we gt to see a pride of fierce onions?
Cat-of-the-Skies's avatar
Heheh. Wildebeets. xD

No joke though, this is pretty cool.
GoneViral's avatar
This is so cool ^^ I love the play on words
Revolos55's avatar
Fantastic. I friggin' love your descriptions. And I'd love to see a pride of onions as well ;)
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