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Why I Don't Do Kid's Books



People are always telling me that I should really draw children's books. And yes, I probably should. And I have, occasionally, done illustrations on commission for kid's books. And yes, I draw a lot of cute and cuddly weird-fairy-tale stuff.

But the real reason I don't is that because the minute I sit down and think "Okay, this must be KID SAFE!" my Muse develops Tourrette's and goes to lunch with Clive Barker, and my mind plunges into the gutter and I draw an appalling blank on anything that is not violent, gory, profanity laden, or depraved.

So I think the only way I can ever do kid's books if I plan not to do kid's books. If that makes any sense.

I would make a painting of this, but I don't know if my brain can take it...
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This is me as a writer. I can't do YA stories, my characters wander off and do things. Sex. Violence.