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Where Zombie Babies Come From

In the wee hours of the night, I woke up, clutched my husband's shoulder, and said "I've got it!"

He said "Hrrrgggzt?"

I said "If storks carry babies, then vultures must carry zombie babies!"

There was a pause, and then he said, enunciating each word with great clarity, "What the HELL, man...?" and then fell immediately back asleep. He later disavowed all memory of this incident, but I painted it anyway.

Digital, prints available at [link] if you're the sort of peculiar individual who needs vultures and zombie babies in their decor plan.
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Great concept! This made my day! :)
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Awww it's too cute both the baby and vulture. I prefer vultures over storks^^ Nice draw and humour.
I still love this so much. It very well might be my favorite thing on the internet.
DracoPhobos's avatar
hahah I love it!!
Well there goes my good mood for the day.
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We're onto something.
Ribbon-San's avatar
I LOVE these ideas of yours! You should really turn them into stories!

Because, to be blunt, I'm tempted to use a few of them meself.
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I feel so bad for laughing as hard as it did. xD 
This is brilliant, but I still have to say it; what the hell, man? 
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seems logical to me.
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I'm faving this for the story almost as much as for the art xDDDDD

Seriously, What the HELL, man?!
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I kind of agree with your husband:
What the hell?

Awesome picture, though. Faved.
Valkyriestears's avatar
Too amazing! Now we know! :p
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great idea,super construction:-)
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I was making a pregnancy card and I suddenly thought of this one. Hadn't seen it in ages :D Greatest idea ever!!!
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You know, it's a crime this isn't a Daily Deviation. You should print a t-shirt, the idea is so clever!
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Horrifying, yet wonderful!
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